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MSW Child Welfare Stipend

The UW - Green Bay Social Work Professional Programs participate in the Child Welfare Education Program (CWEP) offered through the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. The Child Welfare Education Program provides grant-funded educational support to Social Work students preparing for employment in the field of public and tribal child welfare.

Public and tribal child welfare agencies in Northeast Wisconsin need a well-prepared workforce to ensure the safety, permanence and well-being of our region’s most vulnerable children. Through courses and field work, UW-Green Bay’s CWEP prepares professional social workers to serve these children and their families.

The Child Welfare Education Program has two primary goals:

  • To prepare graduate social work students for employment in regional public or tribal agencies that provide child welfare services, and;
  • To prepare current employees of these agencies for advanced practice and leadership in the field of public or tribal child welfare.
Toward this end, the program combines specialized child welfare coursework with a supervised field practicum in a public or tribal child welfare agency in NE Wisconsin. Students accepted into the program are awarded a yearly in-state tuition stipend, paid at the start of each semester. Program participation requires a commitment by the student to work in a public or tribal child welfare agency upon graduation.
All graduate students are provided information about the CWEP program as they enter their advanced year in the MSW Program. Interested students may also contact the Child Welfare Coordinator for more information about the application and program requirements.