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Initiative on the Status of
Women in the UW System

Initiative on the Status of
Women at UW-Green Bay

Status of Women on the
UW-Green Bay Campus

Identified Needs and
Proposed Action Steps

Committee Recommendations

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Report of the University Committee - Ad Hoc Committee On Women, 1992

A. Introduction

In December 1991, the University Committee recommended to the Faculty Senate that an Ad Hoc Faculty Committee be appointed to review the situation of women faculty on the UW-Green Bay campus and further, to develop specific recommendations to correct or remediate conditions that are adverse to their recruitment and retention. The Senate approved the recommendation and in January 1992, the Ad Hoc Committee on Women was appointed by Terence O'Grady, the Chair of the University Committee.

The appointment of the Committee represented the first time in the history of UW-Green Bay that a faculty committee had been formed, with accountability to the University Committee and the Senate, with the mandate to study and review issues pertaining to women faculty as well as to develop specific recommendations for action. The Committee's creation reflected widespread recognition that the condition of women faculty at the University was in serious need of improvement. The work of the Committee was supported by Chancellor David Outcalt, who made funds available for carrying out essential data collection and analysis activities.

The Committee met regularly throughout the spring and summer of 1992. Individual members of the Committee assumed responsibility for carrying out various aspects of the Committee's activities. All members of the Committee contributed to and concurred in the summary and final recommendations. To facilitate implementation of the recommendations, the Committee also has developed a plan for monitoring outcomes on a regular basis.

Members of the Ad Hoc Committee:

Betty L. Baer, Chair (Professional Studies)
Sidney Bremer (Arts and Humanities)
Michael Kraft (Social Sciences)
Robert Obenberger (Professional Studies)
Thea Sager (Natural Sciences)
Robert Wenger (Natural Sciences)

B. Background Information Leading to the Formation of the Special Faculty Committee

In the fall of 1991, a group of women faculty invited Dr. Ceil Pillsbury (Assistant Professor, Business Administration) to discuss her experience at another System institution and the legal action she initiated against that institution for sexual discrimination in tenure review. At this same meeting, Dean Carol Pollis presented UW System data on "Percent and Number of Women in Faculty Positions for the Years 1988-89 to 1991-92." These data clearly indicated that the numbers and percentage of women on the UW-Green Bay faculty were not improving. Indeed, at the Associate and Professor levels, the percentage ofwomen had actually declined since the 1986-87 academic year.

Subsequent to this meeting, untenured faculty women met to discuss conditions at the University that affect their work. They identified several concerns, such as perceived salary inequities, a poorly functioning mentoring program, confusion and inadequate information with regard to promotion and tenure "rules," and overall climate issues which detracted from their sense of being well advised and supported as untenured women.

A third event further demonstrated the need for intervention and action. In fall 1990, the UW System administration released a report entitled "Retaining and Promoting Women and Minority Faculty Members: Problems and Possibilities." This publication emphasized that "the environment of support" that women and minorities experience is critical to their retention. System Vice Chancellors for Academic Affairs were asked to distribute the report to all academic units and to stimulate "extensive discussions" within these units on the issues raised in the report. In November 1991, a memo to the UW-Green Bay Vice Chancellor from UW System staff requested a "brief summary describing the efforts your institution is making to discuss and act upon the issues identified in the publication, with emphasis upon the climate issues." A copy of this memo was also sent to UW System Faculty Representatives. The 1991 faculty representative for UW-Green Bay and University Committee Chair, Betty L. Baer, requested of Vice Chancellor Kuepper information on exactly what initiatives he had taken to comply withSystem's request. In a memo dated 18 November 1991 to the University Committee Chair, Dr. Kuepper stated that he would "very much appreciate any assistance the University Committee could provide me in helping the University address this important matter. With all of the other pressures on the institution and its resources, we must pay attention or this can slide to the back burner." This response confirmed what the University Committee already knew - that no special efforts had been initiated within academic units to stimulate interest or discussion of the report, nor apparently, due to the press of other issues, were any envisioned. Yet, the reports from untenured women as well as the existing data indicated that UW-Green Bay had a serious problem.

In addition to the above factors that immediately precipitated the appointment of the special committee, the University Committee was aware of a sequence of several other efforts to address issues pertaining to the status of women on the UW-Green Bay campus. These included:

  • 1986. Affirmative Action Program Review: The Ethridge Report. This review carried out by an outside consultant focused specifically on minorities at UW-Green Bay and included recommendations for action.
  • 1986. A Position Paper on the Status of Women Faculty was developed by a group of faculty women. This paper documented the difficulties surrounding the retention of women faculty at UW-Green Bay and included a series of recommendations for action

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