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Initiative on the Status of
Women in the UW System

Initiative on the Status of
Women at UW-Green Bay

Status of Women on the
UW-Green Bay Campus

Identified Needs and
Proposed Action Steps

Committee Recommendations

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Opportunities for Women Students Work Team
Equality for Women in the University of Wisconsin System:
A Focus for Action in the Year 2000


The Opportunities for Women Students Work Team, representing all faculty, staff and students at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is charged with addressing one of four recommendations stipulated in the UW System report, "Equality for Women in the University of Wisconsin System: A Focus for Action in the Year 2000." The recommendation, some background information and specific initiatives listed in the report are as follows:

Expand educational opportunities for women students.

Women make up more than half the student body, but they are still a minority in fields such as math, science, and technology. Such fields will be crucial to the future of our society, and women ought to be prepared to participate in them. Likewise, women are as yet not represented proportionally in University-sponsored athletics. Finally, though the curriculum better reflects the history and experience of women than it did decades ago, it is not clear that sufficient progress has been made.

To open the way further for women students in all parts of the University, UW-Green Bay should consider:

  • Increasing pre-college and science outreach activities in order to attract more young women to the study of math, science, engineering, technology and business. Developing or expanding mentoring programs for women students in these fields, for both introductory courses and majors, and provide meaningful rewards or incentives to mentors. Encouraging and funding the development of pedagogical changes designed to attract and retain more women in science, math, engineering, technology, and business.

  • Developing new initiatives that will help women to take advantage of ongoing changes in technology, increasing globalization, and other social shifts, so that women students can enter cutting-edge fields of the future.

  • Increasing pre-college outreach to women of color, in order to attract them to degree programs at UW System institutions.

  • Advocating strenuously for the development of methods to ensure access to higher education for women who are currently excluded because of economic disadvantage, welfare status, or family responsibilities.

  • Continuing to expand opportunities for women students in athletics.

  • Increasing need-based and develop merit-based financial aid for undergraduates.

  • Asking degree programs and University-wide or college-wide committees (e.g., academic planning committees) to ensure that the curriculum, especially in general education courses, appropriately includes material related to women. Providing adequate support to meet the demand for courses in Women Studies. Supporting the development of courses in Gay and Lesbian Studies.

    Specific Charge

    Specifically, the Committee is charged to complete the following tasks.

    1. Review and discuss the specific initiatives listed above. Summarize the current state of affairs at UW-Green Bay for each of them.

    2. Determine which initiatives should be addressed at UW-Green Bay over the next five years. Identify any additional initiatives that could be carried out at UW-Green Bay to address the UW System recommendation to expand educational opportunities for women students.

    3. Recommend one or more institutional goals that UW-Green Bay should strive to meet, over the next five years, to address each of the initiatives identified in #2 above.

    4. Determine what actions and activities could be carried out to achieve each of the goals.

    5. List the criteria and standards that should be used to determine when each recommended goal has been met.

    6. Prepare a written report containing the committee's recommendations and submit it to the Planning Committee co-chairs by December 4, 2000

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