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Initiative on the Status of
Women in the UW System

Initiative on the Status of
Women at UW-Green Bay

Status of Women on the
UW-Green Bay Campus

Identified Needs and
Proposed Action Steps

Committee Recommendations

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Committee Recommendation

The Committee, through review of historical documents and the collection of hard data and anecdotal evidence, has identified a series of issues and concerns, many of which have been present for at least the past decade. The challenge before the University is to find a means through which to address and resolve these issues. It is of great importance to UW System, UW-Green Bay, this Committee and most important to the targeted populations: women, women of color, and LGBT people, that history not repeat itself. The Equality For Women Report 2001 must become a model for action, not just another historical document of unresolved issues referred to in subsequent gender issues studies. It is time for the University to take action on its stated commitment to addressing these issues.

The Equality For Women initiative provides UW-Green Bay with an opportunity through which to fulfill its Guiding Principles, demonstrate its commitment to the Green Bay Idea of an educated person, and to create a campus climate through which the total learning experience can be actualized. Many of the issues identified in The Status of Women in the UW System report are analogous to specific UW-Green Bay initiatives: The Learning Experience, Campus Life for the 21st Century and the Campus Diversity Plan 2008. In order to most efficiently and effectively utilize time and monetary resources, it isimportant that the implementation teams of these initiatives work collaboratively with each other.

It is proven that the approach to addressing past concerns has not worked and that the practice of utilizing a task force, campus committee, and/or a written report to address and resolve issues has not been effective. Staff members are too busy with their current workloads to take on the magnitude of work needed to implement the recommendations of campus initiatives. It is time to try a new approach.

Thus, the committee recommends that UW-Green Bay develop a comprehensive structure that will be accountable for the implementation of this report. This structure would be responsible for addressing the identified issues, implementing appropriate actions and accountable for the ongoing evaluation process. Both the UW-Green Bay 1991 Ad Hoc Committee on Women and the UW System Status of Women Committee support this recommendation. The UW-Green Bay 1991 Ad Hoc Committee on Women states "One of the reasons for no change in women's issues in the past is the absence of a campus-wide group with a clear mandate to initiate programs and/or policies concerned with improving the institutional climate for women and minorities." The UW System Status of Women report concludes that "although progress has been made over the past decade very significant needs and concerns persist and that most of the important problems will not be susceptible to piecemeal solutions, but will be solved when the UW System and each of its institutions have in place a comprehensive system for addressing women's concerns."

Therefore, the Committee recommends the immediate development of a comprehensive campus structure that will be accountable for the implementation of the Equality For Women Initiative on the UW-Green Bay campus.

Appoint a "Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Equality for Women"

This person's charge would be to ensure that the identified needs are addressed through the implementation of the proposed action steps and that appropriate data collection processes are initiated to assess progress on the Equality for Women Initiative. Specific job responsibilities would include:

- Serving as a liaison to: UW System, UW-Green Bay administration and to UW-Green Bay faculty and staff governance for the implementation of the Equality for Women Initiative.

- Chairing the Chancellor's Advisory Council on Equality for Women.

- Developing and supervising the mentoring and advocacy programs.

- Working collaboratively with the implementation teams of other UW-Green Bay campus initiatives on issues related to the Equality for Women Initiative.

- Overseeing the ongoing evaluation of the Equality for Women Initiative.

Create a "Chancellor's Advisory Council on Equality for Women"

This committee would assist the "Special Assistant to the Chancellor" with the implementation of the Equality for Women Initiative and would be comprised of current University personnel who would be instrumental in facilitating change, as it would pertain to the action steps. Persons recommended for this committee are:

- Director of Human Resources

- Academic Deans

- Faculty representation from Women's Studies

- Dean of Students

- Assistant Dean for Campus Life

- Assistant Dean for Student Development

- Affirmative Action Officer

- Women's Issue Director (Student Government)

- Representative from the faculty/staff LGBT
issues group

- Representative from SAGA

It is crucial that UW-Green Bay's Chancellor and administration endorse and provide support for the implementation of this structure to meet the needs as identified through the Equality For Women Report 2001.

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