Active and Integrated Learning Committee


Using the Report of the Task Force on the Compelling Idea as a starting point:

          (1) Develop and detail aspects of recommendation VIII (Integrate the pedagogy of "learning by way of
                teaching" into the curriculum and strengthen faculty development.) that will be common across
                campus, and develop specific guidelines for units to follow to tailor this recommendation to the
                needs of their students and programs.

          (2) Develop and detail recommendation IX (Enhance structured, organized co-curricular learning experiences
                available to all students.) to a degree sufficient for turnover to the Implementation Team.

          (3) Provide to the Planning Committee periodic progress reports and a written report by a deadline that the Planning
               Committee will determine.

It is understood that all meetings will be announced and open (announced in All Faculty/Staff broadcast email), and that voices from outside the committee will be given due consideration in the development of these proposals.

It is also understood that, as some of the plans developed by this committee will affect the plans being developed by other committees, there will be appropriate communication among the five "satellite" committees, and that the Planning Committee will resolve conflicting developments that are not resolved by the "satellite" committees.


Note: the Report of the Task Force on the Compelling Idea is available here


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