Workload Interview Schedule

Use these Interview questions to gather information about workload, workload perceptions, and workload relief strategies among the budgetary units. Also gather any written policies a unit may have about these matters.

Reckoning workload.

  1. Does your unit have maximum expectations about the number of different preparations a person will teach among the expected 21 credits?
  2. Does anyone teach 7 different preparations a year?
  3. Do people teach multiple sections of the same course in a single semester in your unit? (What criteria determine this?) Do they teach multiple sections of the same course within the same academic year?
  4. Is there any recognition in your unit taking on large courses?
  5. Is there any recognition in your unit for the purposes of maintaining quality of instruction, or allowing for special instructional methods that depend upon smaller groups.
  6. Is there team teaching in your unit, and how is it figured into faculty workloads.
  7. How are labs, studios, and/or individualized instruction assignments reckoned into a personís teaching load in your unit?
  8. Is teaching in the Spring interim a strategy adopted by your faculty members to lighten semester workload?


  1. Do people in your unit take on overloads?
  2. Why does this happen?
  3. Do they receive any kind of compensation for overloads?

Reassignments from the classroom.

  1. Are there reassignments for research, creative work, and writing?
  2. Are there reassignments for internship supervision?
  3. Are there reassignments for unit administrative duties?
  4. Are there reassignments for graduate student thesis supervision? (Either chair-ing
  5. committees, or serving on them.)
  6. Are there reassignments for developing new courses or teaching methods?
  7. How is it decided who gets reassigned in your unit?
  8. Do people in your unit who are entitled to receive reassignments in your unit take
  9. them? (Follow-up: why not?)

What are the major workload problems you perceive in your unit?

What kinds of workload inequities do you think your faculty members perceive within your unit, if any?

What kinds of workload inequities do members of your unit perceive with respect to other units on campus, if any?

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