Campus Climate CommitteeCampus Climate Committee

A Proposal for Change in Course Scheduling

1. The Campus Climate Committee (CCC) proposes a new model for course scheduling in order to free up time for the campus community to meet.

2. The proposal model (adapted from Syracuse University) presents the following changes to our current system:

  • Two common meeting times ("University Hours")
  • Longer class periods
  • Increased number of two-day-a-week classes
  • A change in semester length from 15 weeks to 14 weeks.
3. Some questions that the CCC has asked thus far (and answers)
  • Is the change feasible from the perspective of the Registrar?

    • Mike Herrity has run several simulations and has assured us that PeopleSoft can handle the changes. It also alleviates some of our current course scheduling problems.

  • What would be the impact on student learning outcomes?

    • An extensive literature review from Syracuse University has indicated that course scheduling has no impact on student learning at the undergraduate or graduate level.

  • Do other universities use the common meeting time format?

    • A number of institutions do have common meeting times (e.g. Cornell University, SUNY at Morrisville, UW-Manitowoc). All cannot imagine running their University without these.

  • When would the new course schedule be implemented?

    • We are hoping for a Fall, 2007 or earlier implementation.

  • Would a change in course scheduling make for a more positive campus climate at UW-Green Bay?

    • We don't know. However, it is our hope that by building in all-University programming at least once a month, that many of us can have more opportunity to communicate more effective and openly.

4. Please take this information and discuss with faculty and classified staff in your units. This is not a full-fledged proposal. That will come after we have campus feedback. Based on the feedback we receive, we will then create a full-fledged proposal.

To provide feedback, please e-mail Lucy Arendt with positive and negative aspects of this course schedule, no later than February 14, 2005.

Members of the Campus Climate Committee:

Lucy Arendt
Bill Laatsch
Illene Noppe, Chair
Mary Ann Rose
Bob Skorczewski
Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges
Grant Winslow
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