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Accounting and Finance
Gary Christens, PS, 20-22, Lecturer
Alternate: Preston Cherry, PS, 20-22, Assistant Professor

Art & Design
Kristy Deetz, AH, 19-21, Professor
Samuel Watson, AH, 20-22, Assistant Professor

Business Administration
Matthew Raunio, PS, 19-21, Associate Professor
Gaurav Bansal, PS, 20-22, Professor
Alternate: Praneet Tiwari, PS, 20-22, Lecturer

Communication & Information Science
Katie Turkiewicz, SS, 19-21, Associate Professor
Alternate: Bryan Carr, SS, 19-21, Associate Professor

Democracy & Justice Studies
Eric Morgan, SS, 19-21, Associate Professor
Alternate: Kimberley Reilly, SS, 19-21, Associate Professor (replacement)

Mark Kiehn, PS, 20-22, Associate Professor
Alternate: Miranda Schornack, PS, 20-22, Assistant Professor

Human Biology
Paul Mueller, NS, 19-21, Assistant Professor
William Gear, NS, 20-22, Assistant Professor
Alternate: Mike Hencheck, NS, 20-21, Associate Professor (replacement)

Ann Mattis, AH, 19-21, Associate Professor (replacement)
Valerie Murrenus Pilmaier, AH, 19-21, Associate Professor
Rebecca Nesvet, AH, 19-21, Associate Professor
Mark Karau, AH, 19-21, Professor (replacement)
Alternate: Hernan Fernandez-Meardi, AH, 19-21, Associate Professor
Alternate: David Coury, AH, 19-21, Professor

Marketing and Management
Dianne Murphy, PS, 19-21, Assistant Professor
Alternate: Vallari Chandna, PS, 20-22, Associate Professor

Courtney Sherman, AH, 19-21, Associate Professor
William Sallak, AH, 20-22, Associate Professor
Alternate: Michelle McQuade Dewhirst, AH, 20-22, Professor
Alternate: Luis Fernandez, AH, 20-22, Assistant Professor

Natural & Applied Sciences
Amy Kabrhel, NS, 19-21, Associate Professor
Karen Stahlheber, NS, 19-21, Assistant Professor
Richard Hein, NS, 19-21, Professor
Brian Welsch, NS, 20-22, Associate Professor
Alternate: Mandeep Bakshi, NS, 19-21, Associate Professor
Alternate: Jeremy Intemann, NS, 20-22, Associate Professor
Alternate: Michael McIntire, NS, 20-22, Associate Professor

Christine Vandenhouten, PS, 19-21, Professor
Alternate: Janet Reilly, PS, 20-22, Associate Professor

Dean VonDras, SS, 19-21, Professor (replacement)
Kristin Vespia, SS, 20-22, Associate Professor
Alternate: Jason Cowell, SS, 20-22, Associate Professor

Public & Environmental Affairs
Thomas Nesslein, SS, 19-21, Associate Professor (replacement)
Marcelo Cruz, SS, 20-22, Associate Professor
Alternate: Lora Warner, SS, 20-22, Associate Professor

Resch School of Engineering
Tetyana Malysheva, NS, 19-21, Associate Professor
Patricia Terry, NS, 20-22, Professor
Gregory Davis, NS, 20-22, Professor
Alternate: Tanim Ahsan, NS, 19-21, Assistant Professor
Alternate: Mark Norfleet, NS, 20-22, Assistant Professor

Social Work
Stephanie Rhee, PS, 19-21, Assistant Professor
Jolanda Sallmann, PS, 20-22, Associate Professor
Alternate: Sherry Warren, PS, 19-21, Assistant Professor (replacement)

Theatre & Dance
Thomas Campbell, AH, 20-22, Associate Professor
Alternate: Dinesh Yadav, AH, 20-22, Assistant Professor

Senate Members At Large (UC)
Mark Klemp, NS, 19-21, Associate Professor (ex-officio, voting)
James Loebl, PS, 18-21, Associate Professor (ex-officio, voting)
Julie Wondergem, NS, 18-21, Associate Professor (ex-officio, voting)
Heidi Sherman, AH, 19-22, Associate Professor (ex-officio, voting)
Jon Shelton, at-large SS, 19-22, Associate Professor (ex-officio, voting)
Alison Staudinger, SS, 20-23, Associate Professor (ex-officio, voting)
Devin Bickner, at-large NS, 20-23, Associate Professor (ex-officio, voting)

Ex-officio (non-voting) Members
Kathleen Burns, Interim Provost (ex-officio, non-voting)
Michael Alexander, Chancellor (ex-officio, non-voting)

Steven Meyer, Associate Professor (ex-officio, non-voting)

Academic Staff Representative
Sherri Arendt, Director of the Learning Center (ex-officio, non-voting)

University Staff Representative
Kim Mezger, University Services Associate (ex-officio, non-voting)

Student Government Representative
Guillermo Gomez, 20-21, SGA President (ex-officio, non-voting)