Structures & People

UW-Green Bay Committees for 2015 - 2016

I. Faculty Elective Committee

Faculty Senate

Art and Design
Business Administration
Human Biology
Human Development
Humanistic Studies
Information & Computing Science
Natural & Applied Sciences
Public & Environmental Affairs
Democracy and Justice Studies
Social Work
Urban & Regional Studies
Senate Members At Large (UC)
Ex-officio (non-voting) Members
Academic Staff Representative
Student Government Representative
Theatre and Dance
University Staff Representative

University Committee


Committee of Six Full Professors

Academic Affairs Council


Personnel Council


General Education Council

Graduate Studies Council

Committee on Committees and Nominations


Committee on Rights and Responsibilities


Library Advisory Committee

II. Faculty Appointive Committee

Academic Actions


Intercollegiate Athletics

Individualized Learning Committee

III. Academic Staff Elective Committees

Academic Staff Committee

Academic Staff Personnel Committee

Professional Development Allocation Committee

IV. Academic Staff Appointive Committee

Leadership and Involvement Committee

Professional Development Programming Committee


V. Provost Appointive Committee

Committee on Disability Issues

University Accreditation and Assessment Council

Institutional Review Board

Instructional Development Council


Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

International Education Committee


Research Council

Technology Council


University Accreditation and Program Assessment Subcommittee


VI. Dean of Students Appointive Committee

University Student Leadership Awards Committee


VII. Business and Finance Appointive Committee

Health and Safety Committee


Facilities Management Committee

Wellness Committee

VIII. Chancellor Appointive Committee

Chancellor's Council on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence


University Planning and Innovation Council


Committee on Student Misconduct


IX. University Staff Elective Committee

University Staff Committee

University Staff Election Committee


University Staff Personnel Committee


University Staff Professional Dev Comm


X. Joint Governance Committee

Learning Technology Collaborative Committee

Awards and Recognition


Legislative Affairs


Committee on Workload and Compensation