Structures & People

Engineering (with UW-Milwaukee)

A cooperative transfer program and a 3+2 dual degree program with UW-Milwaukee are governed by Natural and Applied Sciences


Name Role Term
Theresa Adsit Lecturer with Faculty Status
Atife Caglar Alternate Senator2014-2016
 Executive Committee Member
Franklin Chen Executive Committee Member
Ryan Currier Senator2015-2017
Gregory Davis currently serving in administration
Mathew Dornbush Executive Committee Member
Michael Draney Alternate Senator2014-2016
 Executive Committee Member
Heidi Fencl Executive Committee Member
Kevin Fermanich Executive Committee Member
Patrick Forsythe Alternate Senator2015-2017
Lisa Grubisha Alternate Senator2015-2017
Mary Guy Lecturer with Faculty Status
Ryan Holzem
James Horn Lecturer
Robert Howe Executive Committee Member
Jeremy Intenmann
Woo Jeon Executive Committee Member
John Katers Chair2013-2016
 Executive Committee Member
John Luczaj Executive Committee Member
Mohammad Mahfuz
Tetyana Malysheva
Michael McIntire Senator2014-2016
 Executive Committee Member
Steven Meyer Executive Committee Member
James Meyer Lecturer with Faculty Status
Megan Olson Hunt
Patricia Terry Executive Committee Member
Nydia Villanueva Lecturer with Faculty Status
Brian Welsch
Amy Wolf Senator2014-2016
 Executive Committee Member
Julie Wondergem
David Yan
Michael Zorn Associate or Vice Chair2013-2016
 Executive Committee Member