Within this page are free resources available to community members looking to improve their psychological skills through various strategies. Please check out and download any resources in which you are interested! 


Energy Regulation 

This energy regulation worksheet allows performers to gain knowledge on energy levels and see some examples. It also gives the performer room to explore their own optimal arousal level. 


Attentional Control 

Attentional control can be broken down into 4 different types of focus. This worksheet explains these 4 focus types, gives some examples for performers, and allows the performer to take some time to practice finding thier focus. ​


Goal Setting

Goal setting is important for performers, exercisers, and those looking to make lifestyle changes. Our goal-setting worksheet explains S.M.A.R.T goals and helps performers create their own!


Imagery can be beneficial in growing a performer's confidence, lessening fear, and decreasing pre-performance anxiety. This imagery worksheet further explains what imagery means and how to create your own script! 


Mindfulness is more than meditation and breathing. This mindfulness worksheet explains minfdulness, it's benefits, as well as some techniques on how to practice. 


Being kind to ourselves starts with our internal conversations. Our self-talk worksheet explains how to use self-talk and gives performers space to write their own practice dialogue.