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Thesis Track

Discover New Knowledge

Expand the boundaries of research dedicated to improving mental focus.

Seeking to pursue a deeper scientific understanding of SEPP? Then our thesis track is perfect for you. In addition to regular coursework, you’ll complete a thesis proposal and a final thesis defense in your second year. Plus, you’ll be able to conduct research with our community partners to complete your thesis project.

Thesis Track Course Catalog
Student presents thesis to peers at end of year gathering
Student presents thesis to class

Build Research Experience

Prepare for your thesis by getting in touch with professors.

To learn more about the research process, connect with your professors and apply to join one of the faculty’s research groups when you begin the program to get a jumpstart on your degree. You can also learn from general psychology professors who can advise you and get you more experience.

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First Year - Fall
Course Title Credits
PSYCH 6270 Professional Ethics in Psychology 3
PSYCH 610 Empathic Listening Skills 3
PSYCH 621 Theories of Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology 3
First Year - Spring
Course Title Credits
PYSCH 605 Applied Psychological Statistics 3
PSYCH 700 Applied Psychological Research Methods 3
PSYCH 740 Multicultural Psychology 3
First Year - Summer
Course Title Credits
PSYCH 721 Applied Sport and Performance Psychology 3
Second Year - Fall
Course Title Credits
PSYCH 781 Thesis I 3
PSYCH 738 Psychology of Sport Injury 3
Elective I 3
Second Year - Spring
Course Title Credits
PSYCH 730 Sport Sociology 3
PSYCH 782 Thesis II 3
Elective II 3
Suggested Electives
  • MGMT 730 Leading the Self
  • NUT SCI 621 Community and Public Health Nutrition (cross-listed with undergrad NUT SCI 421)
  • PSYCH 544 Dying, Death and Loss
  • PSYCH 635 Abnormal Psychology (cross-listed with undergrad PSYCH 435)
  • PU EN AF 615 Public and Nonprofit Budgeting
  • SOC WORK 767 Assessing Mental Health and Substance Use in Practice
  • HUM BIOL 333 Principles of Sports Physiology (undergrad-level)
  • ENTRP 685 New Venture Acceleration
  • HWM 705 Strategic Management for Wellness Managers
  • HWM 740 Health Systems and Policy for Wellness Managers
  • HWM 750 Planning and Evaluation for Wellness Managers (for those who have taken some undergraduate business courses)
  • MGMT 452 Teams (undergrad-level)
  • MGMT 570 Data Science for Managers
  • MGMT 589 Organizational Behavior (cross-listed with undergrad MGMT 389)
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