Self-Care Apps

Self Care Apps Headspace

  • 10-day beginner's guide to meditation
  • Prepare for exams, presentations and more with custom exercises
  • Downloadable for offline use
  • Full library of themed courses
  • A new meditation every day
  • Cost: Student discount rate $9.99/yearly
  • Compatibility:iOS, Android
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  • #1 app for sleep, meditation and relaxation (2018)
  • Sleep stories, breathing programs, stretching exercises and relaxing music.
  • Varied session lengths for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.
  • An original 10-minutes program daily
  • Track your progress
  • Cost: $14.99/monthly; $69.99/yearly
  • Compatibility:iOS and Android
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  • Unlimited access to meditations, life coaches and stories from therapists from around the world
  • Personalized, intuitively uses data to better personalize recommendations
  • Create a daily simple habit of self care - just 3 minutes per day
  • Track your mood, learn your mood patterns
  • Cost: Free
  • Compatibility:iOS and Android
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Stop, Breathe, Think

  • Emotional check-ins everyday
  • Personalized recommendations - meditation, sleep tracks, breathing, yoga
  • Track your progress and mental wellbeing
  • Tame anxiety - recent study revealed 46% of users felt calmer using this app
  • Mindfulness techniques for college life
  • Cost: Free
  • Compatibility:iOS and Android
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Insight Timer

  • 30,000 free Guided Meditations
  • Customize your routine
  • 8 polyphonic overlays bells for deep meditation
  • Cost: Free
  • Compatibility:iOS and Android
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Breathing Zone

  • Mindfulness in 5 minutes
  • Using the app and follow along with the easy to follow breathing guide to lower breathing rate
  • Five calming guide sounds with visual component
  • Breathing Analyzer measures your breathing rateTimed sessions for breathing mindfulness
  • Cost: $3.99 - iPhone; Free - Android
  • Compatibility:iOS, iPad, iPhone, Android
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  • Increase your mindfulness and wellbeing with meditation on the go
  • 11 hours of custom meditation for different parts of your day including travel, work, sleeping and more
  • 5-30 minute sessions and solo meditation timer
  • Cost: $4.99 - iOS; $2.99 - Android
  • Compatibility:iOS: iPhone, iPad; Android
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  • Get daily inspiration from your homepage
  • Momentum provides a daily quote and picture to help your mood, motivation, and positivity
  • Ability to add in a task list and customize the home screen for personalization
  • Plus version has the ability to sync tasks with other common task management tools
  • Plus version has additional customization features such as pictures, font, and colors
  • Cost: Basic Version: free; Plus Version: $39.95/year
  • Compatibility:Chrome Extension
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Guided Mind

  • Relax and get guided through meditations on a variety of topics
  • Step-by-step voice guided meditation
  • Short (5 mins), medium (15 min) or long (30+ min) meditations
  • Instrumental, nature soundscapes, with looping for continuous play
  • Easy to use with instructions
  • Cost: Free
  • Compatibility:iOS: iPhone, iPad; Android
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