Membership information

Membership dues are $5 per semester. Please pick a membership form from one of our meetings or email the organization. Completed forms can be brought to the next SAM meeting or returned to VP of Finances, Hannah Mauk (You may email her:

Current Members (as of Fall 2018):
Hannah Mauk
Wyatt Smet
Garriet Kanis
Nick Blasczyk
Johnny Gomez
Michelle Hofadeer
Holly Kruckenberg
Mackenzie Ronsman
Carly Augustynowicz
Sammi Simon
Jessica Pinchart
Renee DeGrand
Joshua A Berens
Dylon Pokorny
William Nething
Mikala Gwinn

Past Members 
Elliott Kaas
Erin Mader
Abby Pfeiffer
Dylan Ringham
Brooke Koslowski