Upcoming events

10/2/2018 in WH 215 at 5 P.M. :  Special Guest Speaker Praneet Tiwari (President PraVal Inc., Former CTO of TriCap Technology Group) will be speaking about technology and management.

10/18/2018 in WH 213 at 3:30 P.M. :  Students will be attending a current research presentation held by AECSB as part of their speaker series. Dr. Heather Clarke will be speaking about her current research. 


Past speakers:

2/22/2018 in WH 440 at 5 P.M. : Learn about managing your own business from our Special Guest Speaker Kathy McKee

5/4/2018 in WH 440 at 5 P.M. :  Special Guest Speaker Tara Carr, Director of the Small Business Development Center

5/26/2018 in WH 440 at 5 P.M. :  Special Guest Dr. Amulya Gurtu will be speaking about sustainability from a management perspective