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Student Employment

Monitor Work Study Awards

Calculate Hours

It is the responsibility of the student and supervisor to monitor earnings and ensure the student does not earn more than their authorized award amount.

Students can determine the number of hours they may work by using the following formula:
Work Study Award / Hourly wage = Total number of hours
Total hours / Number of Earning Weeks = Number of hours per week

Verify Work Study and Monitor Your Balance

The Student Employment Office emails Federal Work Study (FWS) Balance Report  on a bi-weekly basis to students who have accepted a FWS award. Students are asked to monitor FWS using this tool. The document will include academic year award amounts and important information regarding the award. Once the academic year begins, the FWS Balance document will also include Work Study Balances after each pay period.

Students should print or forward these to their current or potential supervisors, as it is the only method they have to obtain information regarding your award.

FWS Balance Reports should also be used as a tool during the interview process. Students are encouraged to bring these along with them to interviews or email along with their application.