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Our Goals & Accomplishments

Our Goals

The UW-Green Bay Student Government Association has eight major goals:

  • To assure maximum student participation and representation in University governance at all levels.
  • To review all Segregated University Fees and actively participate in the decision-making process involving all other fees which provide support for campus student activities.
  • To address student concerns, assist in the investigation of student problems, and participate in decisions affecting the educational experience of students.
  • Represent the student constituency by actively seeking student input concerning all aspects of University governance.
  • To provide an official voice through which student opinion may be expressed.
  • To promote the rights of students.
  • To develop policies in a fair, open, and consistent manner.
  • To work on University, local, state, and national issues that directly affect student educational opportunities and access.

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Executive Branch

Executive Branch Bylaws - (PDF)

Our Accomplishments 2014-15

  • Worked with RHAA to change quiet hours.
  • Phoenix Park Volleyball Courts.
  • Smaller Budget this year.
  • Higher membership.
  • Phoenix of the Week.
  • Various committee projects every month.
  • President and Vice President giving 50% of their honorariums.
  • Ongoing EcoU projects with composting and trying to reduce paper use.