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Student Life

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OrgSmorg Registration

Wednesday, September 16, 2015, 11-2,  Phoenix Rooms

Registration for Fall 2015 is OPEN, but ONLY for orgs that are fully registered. We try to keep the picture below as updated as possible however, it is not automated so one of us has to be in the office to do so. Thank you for your patience.

The theme is " The '60's (This is the 50th Anniversary of UWGB's 1965 Founding)".

If you do not occupy your assigned table by 11:30, your table may be assigned to another student organization. If you have any concerns feel free to e-mail Caleb at


View Listing of Current Reservations
When the last few tables are taken, please continue to reserve a space as "Waitlist".  See John on Wednesday at OrgSmorg.  We'll get you a table somehow, it just may be in the hallway.


Only fully registered orgs can use this page.  If your org is not on this list, it means your org is missing something.  Please login to your org's account to find out what is missing.  You can do that here:

Email Address:

This e-mail address will receive a confirmation with details on the reserved table. Everything in the e-mail is exactly what you have. Please make certain it's correct.