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Welcome to Meet the Orgs Spring 2021!

Meet the Orgs will be on Thursday, March 4, from 11-1 and again from 5-7. 

This event is for Green Bay Campus student organizations, but students from the other UWGB campuses are welcome in most student organizations.

Some orgs will have a representative in the Phoenix Rooms BC (enter through Phoenix C, next to the stairs).  Some will only be available on-line through TEAMS.  Some orgs will be available both in-person and on TEAMS!  TEAMS links will be on this page (below).

Here are the student organizations participating  in-person.
Those who are also available virtually on TEAMS are marked with a *
-- click on the name of those orgs to go to their TEAMS meeting.

Alpha Zeta Phi Fraternity*   To re-instill the values of Honor, Chivalry, and Enduring Brotherhood in today's men.
AT,PT,OT Club*:   The AT/PT/OT Club was designed for students pursuing a career in the therapies. Every month throughout the school year we will either have a club meeting or a speaker. This student org encompasses all of the therapies: AT, PT, and OT.
BSU*   The purpose of the Black Student Union is to celebrate and support the Black experience through academic and social support, develop cultural awareness, and discuss both historical and contemporary achievements and challenges throughout Black History.
Chi Alpha*   We are a Spirit-empowered, diverse community of believers on university campuses, declaring in word and lifestyle our faith in Jesus Christ, equipped to fulfill our purpose in God's global plan. We meet in all sorts of settings and sizes. These gatherings are informal, charged with music, given to humor, and deal with everything from relationships to the nature of truth. We desire to meet with God, meet among friends, and meet real needs around us. Our mission is to reconcile students to Christ, equipping them through spirit-filled communities of prayer, worship, fellowship, discipleship; and mission to transform the university, the marketplace, and the world.
CLAS*    The mission of CLAS (Christ Living Among Students) is to provide an atmosphere which allows Christians to question and grow in faith and welcomes non-Christians to explore the claims of Christ in a non-threatening environment.
College Diabetes Network   We are a group of students affected with Type 1 Diabetes either personally or from friends or family. Our goal is to provide support to students with Type 1 diabetes on campus and non-diabetics about with living with diabetes.
College Republicans     The UWGB College Republican mission is to recruit, inform, train, and empower College Republicans on the UWGB campus.
Colleges Against Cancer    This organization is meant to bring students together to make our campus more aware of cancer and that it affects everyone. Throughout the course of the year, we hold several education events make other students on campus realize how many lives are touched by cancer on a daily basis and what we can do to help. As a group, we work with a member of the American Cancer Society to be involved with a Relay for Life event for a surrounding area.
Collegiate 4-H*    Provides an opportunity to continue 4-H through community service and promoting positive youth development.
CRU*    The biggest question: Who is God and how does He impact my life? We’re here to help you answer that question. We offer many opportunities to get involved, including life groups, retreats, conferences, social events, and summer travel venues both in the U.S. and abroad. So whether you want to explore the claims of Jesus Christ, further develop your relationship with Him, or serve with Cru on your campus, Cru is here for you. See our video here:
Ducks Unlimited*   Ducks Unlimited is an international non-profit organization working in the United States, Canada, and Mexico to conserve, restore, and manage wetlands and other habitats associated with North America's waterfowl. This chapter is involved with education, community service projects, and fundraising to meet these objectives.
Engineering Club     Club for the Engineering students of University of Wisconsin Green Bay.
Hip Hop Club*     We are a welcoming organization focused on bringing passionate UWGB student dancers together to collectively create and perfect hip hop routines to showcase to the community.
Men's Phoenix Soccer Club*     A soccer club separate from college athletes that competes in the Midwest Alliance Soccer Conference.
OLA*   The mission of La Organizacion Latino Americana is to create an academic and social support system for, but not limited to, the Latino students at UWGB. We strive to educate people about different Latino cultures through fun activities and programs.
Philosophy Club*   An interdisciplinary organization dedicated to sharing wisdom, discussing interesting topics, and organizing events for the humanities and beyond.
Phoenix Catholic Student Organization    The Phoenix Catholic Student Organization is an organization of friends enjoying God's presence among us through prayer, service, and belonging activities on campus at UWGB.
Phoenix Students 4 Life   We are the pro-life student org on campus. We take a compassionate, non-violent, non-confrontational pro-life stance against abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, embryonic stem-cell research, cloning, etc. We welcome everyone of all faiths, political affiliations, ethnicities, etc.   See our video: !
Pinky Swear Ambassadors for Kids With Cancer*   The purpose of the PACK Program shall be to raise awareness of pediatric cancer on campus as well as in the community, support children battling cancer and their families, fundraise in order to support pediatric cancer, and otherwise support the mission of the Pinky Swear PACK Program
Pre-Vet Cub*    The Pre-Vet Club is intended for prospective students of veterinary medicine to form connections with fellow pre-vet students, faculty and professionals, to better educate one another on the essential courses and experiences necessary for pursuing a career in veterinary medicine.
Psi Chi*    Psi Chi is the Psychology and Human Development Honor Society. The mission of Psi Chi is to produce a well-educated, ethical, and socially responsible member committed to contributing to the science and profession of psychology and to society in general.
Psych & Human Development Club*  Psychology and Human Development Club (PsycHD) is designed to bring together students who are majoring, minoring, or just interested in Psychology. Our goal is to provide events to help our members with networking and career development throughout their college career so they have access to useful resources for their graduate school or career plans after graduation.  See our video: . Insta: UWGB_PsycHD
Public and Environmental Affairs Council*  The purpose of The Public and Environmental Affairs Council is to see that the University fulfills the role of being Eco-U. We stand up for the environment, and hope to create a more sustainable campus and Green Bay Community through environmental awareness programs. With lots of hands-on work by enthusiastic people, the organization has been and will continue to be successful in achieving its goals.
Role Playing Game Club*    Role Playing Game (RPG) club is about bring people together who enjoy playing roll playing games. It is a great way for people to try new games, and potentially even run new games as well. It is a place for fun among like minded individuals.
Round River Alliance   Round River is a blooming naturalist’s haven. We hope to encourage an appreciation for conservation through a variety of hands-on experiences in our natural world. If you are looking to get involved in the natural sciences—or just for some fun outdoors—come check us out!
Ultimate Frisbee Club*   The Ultimate Frisbee Club provides a forum for students to play Ultimate and also learn the game. It also helps students get out and get active. There will be pick up games and tournaments throughout the year, which are open to all students.
University Student Ambassadors     Roughly forty students serve as University Student Ambassadors each year. University Student Ambassadors are paraprofessionals who provide general assistance in support of the university’s outreach efforts to prospective students and newly enrolled students through daily campus tours and first-year student events. Other events arise and we assist as needed.
WishMakers*     The Wishmakers on Campus organization is the a great way for college students to volunteer with Make-A-Wish, raise awareness about the organization and raise funds to help life-affirming wishes come true for the children in our area.
Women in Engineeering*      Club for empowering women interested in engineering or stem fields/Majors.
Women in Technology*     WITonCampus mission is to empower a strong community of women who support each other. Through self-exploration we encourage women to enhance their personal and professional skills. WITonCampus clubs are student organizations designed to give women pursuing any career an opportunity to discover the careers available in technology.

The following student orgs will be available virtually ONLY
--click on the name of the org to go to their TEAMS meeting:
APICS:   Student club involved in APICS & supply chain management.
ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers)    The American Society of Civil Engineers Green Bay Chapter works with the nationally recognized American Society of Civil Engineers to create experiences, connections, and opportunities for its members. Our student organization arranges meetings with various guest speakers and businesses and helps establish professional relationships between students and potential employers. We also have social events, engineering meetings and competitions, networking events and more.
Bowling Club   The Bowling Club of UWGB offers a weekly cosmic bowling league for all skill levels as well as a competitive traveling team league for more experienced bowlers.
Dungeon Delvers  This Org is all about teaching and playing Dungeons and Dragons. The objective of this org is to explore and promote knowledge about Dungeons and Dragons. The org will help newcomers start their own campaigns and create new characters.
Feminists 4 Action   Feminists 4 Action works on promoting discussion, debate and action as it relates to feminism and it's many intersections in society. While each of our members has their own way of describing what it means to be a feminist, Feminists 4 Action describes feminists as people dedicated to bringing about full equality, particularly in regards to gender and sex.
Food Recovery Network  Food Recovery Network (formerly Campus Kitchen) is a student organization that turns food waste into delicious meals that we serve to our elders in the community! 
Green Bay Audubon Student Chapter:   Green Bay Audubon Student Conservation Chapter provides numerous opportunities for students with any level of previous bird knowledge to learn more about birds and bird conservation locally. We also provide opportunities for students to get involved in various projects, attend events and talks, come along on field trips, do volunteer work (i.e. habitat restoration, cleanup projects, birdhouse building, Breeding Bird Atlas work, etc.), help students to build practical experience, introduce students to the jobs associated with birds, and connect students to local bird conservation projects and professionals (TNC, National Audubon, NEW Audubon, DNR, FWS, Professors, etc.).
Habitat For Humanity: Habitat for Humanity is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing safe and adequate housing for families who can otherwise not afford to purchase a home of their own. UWGB H4H is a campus chapter of Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity. Each year we go on a winter and spring break trip, where we travel to a different part of the country to volunteer for a week with an affiliate and partner families! Students are welcome to join UWGB H4H at any point in the semester. See our video: .
MSA-Muslin Student's Association:  The Muslim Students' Association strives to build unity through diversity and education. Our goal is to provide programs for people of all backgrounds and to educate the students and faculty of the university about Islam as well as create an environment for Muslim students that follows Islamic guidelines.
Phoenix Philanthropy Club   The Phoenix Philanthropy Club is a student-led service group that develops student leadership skills to equip them to make a difference in the community that benefits key needs. This is done by adopting and working directly with a local nonprofit organization throughout the school year. See our video:
Pre Med/PA Club    The goal of our organization is to provide an out of class environment where students, interested in pursuing a career in medicine (Med or PA), can come to share their excitement and enthusiasm through volunteering, preparation for entrance exams, and other requirements.
Red Cross Club:  Red Cross Club is associated with the American Red Cross Northeast Chapter. This club volunteers for the American Red Cross for numerous events as well as host blood drives, fundraisers, and club bonding activities. Check out our video: .
Residence Hall and Apartment Association (RHAA):   Residence Hall and Apartment Association works to provide fun and engaging programs for the students living on UW - Green Bay's campus as well as reviewing housing policy to ensure that Residence Life is the best it can be for students.
ROTC   Supports the ROTC program at UWGB.
Women of Color   Women of Color will be an organization that will bring women with all different types of culture together.

If you don't see an org here that you are interested in-- check out the Student Organization Directory by clicking here.

Want to start a brand new student organization? 

We make that as easy as can be here at UW-Green Bay!  First, make sure that the one you want does not already exist (look on that Student Organization Directory).  Then you can find instructions by clicking .  If you need help, contact John at .