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Welcome to OrgSmorg Fall 2021!

OrgSmorg will be on Wednesday, September 8 from 4-7 pm, in Phoenix Park.

In case of rain, OrgSmorg will be on Thursday, September 9, from 4-7 pm, in Phoenix Park.

If it is rainy both days, then OrgSmorg will be Thursday September 9, from 4-7 pm in the Phoenix Rooms.

This event is for Green Bay Campus student organizations, but students from the other UWGB campuses are welcome in most student organizations.

OrgSmorg (like a smorgasboard of student organizations) is our campus student organizations fair.  OrgSmorg is the very best and easiest way to get connected, meet people and have fun!

Drop in at OrgSmorg to talk with representatives from our student organizations.  They are people like you who have an interest, curiosity about, or passion for things as diverse as feeding the hungry, conserving the environment, learning new dance moves, learning old dance moves, learning more about and supporting diversity and equity, joining our growing fraternity and sorority orgs, playing club level sports (between varsity level and intramural level), exploring academic subjects, engaging others in role playing games, and lots, lots more.

Want to learn more about our (over 100) student organizations?  Check out the Student Organization Directory by clicking here.

Want to start a brand new student organization? 

We make that as easy as can be here at UW-Green Bay!  First, make sure that the one you want does not already exist (look on that Student Organization Directory).  Then you can find instructions by clicking .  If you need help, contact John at .