COVID-19: See our Phoenix Forward page

COVID-19 Updates

Currently all in-person study abroad options for UW-Green Bay students are suspended for Spring 2021, however the Office of International Education is working to evaluate individual programs and re-open locations on a case-by-case basis for upcoming terms.  Open programs will be listed on our Destinations website. 

Many factors are included in the evaluation criteria, including relevant warnings from the CDC, U.S. Department of State, World Health Organization, UW System considerations and policies, UWGB Risk Management and UWGB considerations and policies, and information collected from overseas partners and providers. Click the links above to learn more information. 

As we move forward with evaluations, programs will ideally continue to open as they are approved (some may have specific restrictions).  We will confirm the ability to run Summer 2021, Fall 2021, and Winter 2022 programs between mid-March and mid-July. The timing of the decision per program will be based on factors including the program start date to allow students to make alternate plans as needed.

Determining which programs remain open to accept applications will be based on a variety of factors including continual evaluations by UWGB Risk Management and the OIE, local conditions at the program site, participation trends, and partner and program host capacity.

If the program you are interested in does not currently have an open application, please note that we are constantly monitoring global circumstances and will reevaluate the opening of each program application as conditions allow.


Next Steps & What Can You Do?

Thinking about study abroad is exciting!  Though there is uncertainty, it's important to know that the OIE is prioritizing the safety of UWGB students and staff as we evaluate and continually assess programs.  We will work together with you in your study abroad planning and help advise your next steps and answer whatever questions you have.  Contact Us today!
Research Programs
  • Make an advising appointment with the OIE to talk about your options & questions or attend an event (follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see when these are!)
  • Be open & flexible!  There can be a lot of unknowns at this point, however the OIE will keep you as updated as possible on your programs of interest.  Flexibility and adaptability is a key skill to learn for the future- this is great practice!
  • Look at virtual options, especially for summer 2021.  These are noted on the Destinations website (watch application deadlines!).  Also, check out the National Student Exchange.  This is a domestic option that allows you to study all over the United States!
  • Make sure you will have a valid passport that expires at least 6 months after your program end date.  If you don't, apply right away as processing times may be delayed.  Visit our Passport Guide page for details. For semester programs, a valid passport is needed for visa applications and will be needed 3-4 months before departure. 
  • Have a back-up plan in case your program is cancelled (i.e. classes to take at UWGB, housing, etc.)
  • Apply by the program deadline!  Make sure you commit to your program as well once accepted.
Understand your program's costs
  • Generally application fees are non-refundable, however in the case of COVID-19 cancellations there is flexibility.  If UWGB cancels a program then the application fee will likely be refunded (note any credit card fees charged on top of application fees are not refundable). If you choose to cancel your in-person program due to COVID-19 concerns the OIE will evaluate a refund on a case-by-case basis.  
  • If a program is cancelled by UWGB or a partner institution, OIE will work with you directly to facilitate any cancellations, program deferments, and to minimize financial disruption.
  • You may see line items in the program budget for testing, quarantine protocols, or other entry requirements to your host country.
WAIT on these activities:
  • Do not purchase airfare until advised.  Explore full refundable tickets and travel insurance options.
  • Do not put money down for housing abroad until advised.  Have a back-up plan if your program is cancelled and read any lease agreements (especially cancellation policies!) carefully.
  • Avoid paying for any other non-recoverable expenses until advised.
What will my experience be like? 
Study abroad and study away will look differently than it did in years past. In the immediate future once in-person programs re-open, there will probably be fewer locations to choose from, housing options may be more limited, program dates may shift, course formats may change, excursions might change, and physical distancing guidelines will need to be followed. We will do our best to keep you updated on changes that may occur on your program.

Travel while on the program may look different as well. Whether you can travel or not to other countries while abroad will depend on each program’s and country’s regulations. You may be restricted to stay within your host country. If you are in a situation where your ability to travel is limited to your host city or local region, we hope you embrace this as an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the local culture and landscape.