Become a Summer Scholar

Save Money. Get Ahead.

Do something for your future and distinguish yourself on your college application by taking an online college course this summer.

​The Summer Scholars Program gives high school students the opportunity to take a 6-week online college course while saving money on tuition. 

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Save Money

Getting college credit for classes you're already need for high school just makes cents and can save you hundreds of dollars - up to 40% savings!

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Save Time

Give yourself a head start on a college degree during your summer vacation and get to your future faster

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Go Where You Want

Credits transfer to all UW schools and most private or out-of-state schools

Who Can Enroll?​​

Summer Scholars is available for high school students who meet admissions requirements. Program tuition is the responsibility of the student/family. Summer Scholars is not eligible for the Early College Credit Program.
Find your passion
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Admission Requirements

Students must be in grades 9-12

Consideration for admission is based on a holistic evaluation that includes: cumulative grade point average (GPA), grades in applicable courses, and other materials that may be requested as part of the admission evaluation process. 


Important Dates for Summer 2022

  • Begin the enrollment process by:  May 30, 2022
  • Courses begin: June 20, 2022
  • Courses end: July 31, 2022


Online courses in Summer Scholars cost $200 per credit (see Available Courses for credit amounts). This is a considerable saving from the full tuition of approximately $1,000 per 3 credit course outside the program

Additional Benefits of Summer Scholars

Find Your Passion

College-level courses can introduce you to topics and ideas that are not covered in the regular classroom. For example, Environmental Science or Women in Literature. This range of subjects allows you to explore your interests and develop new passions. You may even discover the subject that will become your college major or the focus of your career.

Build Important Skills

College-level courses can help you learn the skills and habits you'll need for success in college and beyond. They will allow you to develop:

* Stronger writing skills
* Problem-solving abilities
* Time-management skills
* Discipline
* Good study habits

Prepare for College

Showing that you're willing to push yourself by taking rigorous classes in high school can help when you're applying to college. In fact, the level of courses you take now is one of the first things colleges look at.

In addition, college courses earn credits in college. This means you may be able to skip some basic college courses and move directly into interesting advanced classes. This also may allow you to free up enough time to pursue a double major or to study abroad.

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Dual Enrollment Access Academy

Want to continue your Summer Scholar work? Summer Scholars is part of the Dual Enrollment Access Academy — the Academy — offering college credit courses online during spring and fall semesters. 


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