Supply Chain Management Certificate

The Certificate in Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a 15 credit certificate for professionals working or desiring to work in a supply chain management position.The courses developed for the certificate are designed to serve professionals with or without formal training in supply chain management.

The courses will provide you with an overview of supply chain management and will improve your understanding of various principles and their application in a global environment.The certificate will also familiarize you with logistics, transportation, packaging, operations planning, inventory management, lean and six-sigma, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) among other topics.

Why Enroll?

  • Supply chain management is the largest expense area of any manufacturing or retail organization.
  • Increasing globalization makes supply chain management an ongoing challenge.
  • The need for sophisticated logistics is forecasted to grow at an escalating rate.
  • Dollars spent on logistics activities in the U.S. amount to about 8% of the entire Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

What are the Prerequisites?

Minimum requirements to enroll:
  • Associate Degree OR
  • High School Diploma or equivalent with 2 years of experience in a supply chain management function OR
  • High School Diploma or equivalent with 4 years of experience in any other functions 
BUS ADM 384 (Intro to Supply Chain Management) must be taken before taking BUS ADM 334 (Logistics Management), BUS ADM 381 (Operations Management), and BUS ADM 383 (Enterprise Resource Planning). BUS ADM 380 can be taken anytime including along with BUS ADM 384 as the starting course.

What are the Expectations?

You possess:
  • A high school level analytical ability
  • A familiarity with Excel for analysis
  • The ability to write reports in Word
  • The capability to make presentations in PowerPoint
  • A laptop/PC suitable for taking exams

It is highly recommended that you brush up your knowledge of basic math and statistics before starting this certificate.

What Will You Learn?

  • BUS ADM 384 - Intro to Supply Chain Management
  • BUS ADM 380 - Project Management
  • BUS ADM 381 - Operations Management
  • BUS ADM 383 - Enterprise Resource Planning
  • BUS ADM 334 - Logistics Management

These are regular credit courses offered by the undergraduate program in Business Administration. Each course is worth 3 credits. The Supply Chain Management Certificate credits are transferable to an undergraduate program in business. Upon successful completion, students will receive a digital badge as a form of credentialing.

Have Questions?

Email Area Director, Continuing Professional Education, Teri Zuege-Halvorsen at

Seeking a Future Degree?

All Supply Chain Management Certificate credits transfer to a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Supply Chain Management. Learn more here