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Transportation Options

Need a way to get from here to there? At UW-Green Bay you have many options to arrange your trip.

Take the bus

Green Bay Metro bus driving on campus

In Green Bay

UWGB-students can use all Green Bay Metro buses for free. Your Student-ID is the ticket. See the routes and times for the Green Bay Metro here (#7 Lime Line services campus). Metro buses leave at the Cofrin Library, at Studio Arts, and at the housing stop at North Circle Drive.

In the region

Check out connections with Greyhound from downtown Green Bay, or ride from campus to campus with Lamer’s Campus Connect. Lamer's buses leave from a designated bus stop on campus (the one behind Studio Arts on North Circle Drive).

Bike it

If you live on campus, bring your bike to get around quickly. If you live off campus, use this sustainable and healthy transport option to get to campus and back home again. Many bike racks are available across campus, including a centrally-located covered shelter. Check out some sweet rides and know where to get parts or service by visiting any of these local bike shops:

Once you got your ride on campus, please make sure to register for a Green Bay bike permit. Registration can be done for free at the University Union front desk. Read more at UW-Green Bay's Public Safety website.