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Sustainability Coordinator's Welcome

Hello and welcome to “Eco-U”!
UW-Green Bay was honored with the title “Eco-U” in 1971, and it’s my job to help us live up to that name. As the world continues changing, we need to adapt and – as we like to say – *rise* to the challenge.
I think the phoenix is a great symbol for the kind of transformation we hope to make not only at UW-Green Bay, but in the world. Out of ashes, we aspire to bring new life. We need more people like you to think creatively and envision a future that hasn’t been seen before. We need you to use the knowledge, skills, and talents you have and will develop to help build a better future for everyone. I welcome you to join me in this endeavor so please don’t hesitate to reach out. Welcome again!
Daniela Beall, MBA
University Sustainability Coordinator, Office of Sustainability
Daniela Beall, University Sustainability Coordinator - portrait