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The Division of Continuing Education & Community Engagement will begin offering a Digital Badge when you complete the GenCyber Cybersecurity Badging requirements.

A Digital Badge is a validation of an accomplishment, skillset, or competency that a learner has earned.  Digital Badges can be placed on a resume or digital platform such as LinkedIn, to show employers you have the critical skillset and job-ready competencies that allow you to be a confident and engaging instructor of the state mandated courses.
Benefits for the trainee/employee:

  • a digital badge is a quick and easy way of highlighting your mastery of skills and validating your professional development
  • it can be digitally placed resume, ePortfolio or digital platform such as LinkedIn
  • It is a way to differentiate yourself from others and provide you a competitive edge in the job market
Benefit for the employer:
  • a digital badge is a valid, secure and easy way to identify if the candidate has the knowledge and skillet set you are seeking


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Badging, digital badging and microcredentials Basics: This course is part of the GenCyber cybersecurity camp for teachers/educators. In this course, teachers will understand what are: cyber merit badge models, including the Cyber Chip merit badge, and its internet safety related practice details. They will learn about the Cyber Chip merit badge and its implementation, including the corresponding required merit badge scout activities in addition to understanding what are: cyber bullying and its prevention, including the corresponding activities associated with the preventive measures. Lastly, they will design their own cyber badge model, including healthy and safe web browsing and/or anti-cyber bullying practices, in teams/groups.  Individuals who complete this course will have achieved a critical skillset and job-ready competencies that will allow them to be an effective, confident and engaging instructor utilizing badging, digital badging and microcredentials with their students.  Individuals who complete this course will obtain the following knowledge and/or skills critical to teaching.

Have a basic knowledge of:
  1. Cybersecurity training for the scouting programs.
  2. How to apply the badging concept to curriculum centered on cybersecurity in their classrooms. 
  3. How to develop a digital badge as evidence of a learning experience.
  4. The basic concepts of digital badging/micro-credentialing and its potential to encourage lifelong learning.
  5. The options available for digital badging infrastructure and delivery systems. 
Individuals will be assessed using the following methods:
  1. In class assessment piece (digital exam)
  2. Implement some aspect of badging, digital badging/micro-credentialing with students.
  3. Share in our shared folder your digital badging or micro credential curriculum piece