The Project

What do we hope to accomplish? The MLLO Project will...


  • Document how well we are implementing our mission.
  • Deepen our collective understanding of the core mission components.
  • Broaden our understanding of the total student experience at UW-Green Bay.
  • Highlight and expand the use of best practices in aligning effective learning experiences with the obtainment of MLLOs.
  • Clarify for students those things that exemplify the UW-Green Bay learning experience, particularly as it relates to our MLLOs.


How did this project get started? 

In 2006, the Higher Learning Commission initiated a voluntary, competitive program called the Academy for the Assessment of Student Learning. The Academy approved UW-Green Bay's application for admission in August 2007. This winter we joined a cohort of 16 other institutions committed to engaging in comprehensive, four-year long projects to improve institutional quality. Each member of the Academy receives the guidance of trained Academy mentors and the support of peer institutions in the program. Each institution must identify a steering committee to lead and engage the campus community in its efforts.