Campus Life Retreat

In July 2008, the MLLO steering committee led academic staff who work in the division of Campus Life in a data collection activity.  The steering committee chair presented information about MLLO to the group of about 35 staff from Judicial Affairs, the American Intercultural Center, Student Life, Counseling & Health, and Residence Life.  Each office completed a data collection form describing how its work with students facilitates their mastery over UWGB's Mission Level Learning Objectives, or the MLLOs -- "mellows".

We learned a lot from the academic staff in Campus Life.  We always do!  As expected, each of these organizations has at least one or two MLLOs that play an important role in its work with students.  Also, as expected, it's rare for a unit to try and emphasize all of the MLLOs.  Here's a grid highlighting some of the examples of Campus Life programs that focus most specifically on selected MLLOs.