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The Academy is one of three for-credit programs offered by UW-Green Bay. Each offers unique features and benefits. The Academy is the most accessible and flexible. Courses are available exclusively to Academy students, and as long as students get approved by their school for a class as dual credit, they are not limited by teacher, access to a campus location or high school.

  Early College Credit Program College Credit in High School Dual Enrollment Access Academy
Where is the class held? Face-to-face on a university campus or online In the high school classroom Online
Students can work from anywhere at any time as long as they meet course due dates
Who teaches the class? University faculty member High school teacher approved as adjunct faculty who meets Higher Learning Commission (HLC) credentialing requirements University faculty member
Which courses are available? Classes that have seats available after college students register and that are approved by the district Classes available with approved teachers Classes specified on the UW-Green Bay K-12 and Community Relations website and are approved by the district
How much does it cost? (per credit) $87.48 $100 $200
including fees
How much is tuition normally? $353.06 per credit including all fees
Who pays? School district Student School district or student/family