Theatre Scholarship Application

Every year the UW-Green Bay faculty awards one-year, renewable scholarships to both incoming and returning students. If you are interested in receiving a scholarship please fill out the information below. The form will be sent to Prof. John Mariano, Dept. of Theatre.

Requirements for Returning Students

Returning students reapply for scholarships each spring by submitting a current resume detailing their theatre accomplishments. All scholarship applicants must either perform a scholarship audition or a design/tech interview and portfolio review.

Requirements for Incoming (Freshman or Transfer) Students

  1. A faculty member will call you to arrange for an on-campus audition/interview. The audition should consist of two contrasting monologues or a monologue and a song totaling no more than five minutes. You may audition with a dance piece if you are planning on taking a Dance minor. If you plan to enroll in the Design/Tech area of emphasis you should bring any support material you have to your interview (i.e. slides, photos, drawings, etc.). If you are unable to come to the campus you may submit a videotape of your audition and/or arrange a phone interview with the faculty.
  2. On a separate, attached page please list any theatrical experience you’ve had, including productions, classes, workshops, etc. (If you are submitting this form on-line, please send the rest of the material, via mail, to the above address.)
  3. Please submit one letter of recommendation from someone familiar with your experience and potential in Theatre. If this is difficult due to limited theatre experience, please submit a letter from one of your teachers who is familiar with your academic achievements and potential.
  4. Finally, please include a brief essay describing your interest in Theatre. Please include your goals and the contributions you feel you can make to the UW-Green Bay Theatre Program. Include any other information you feel we should know about you and your plans for the future.