Mission Statement

The UW-Green Bay Theatre and Dance program is a community of professional artists, educators and students that provides professional training in the related performing arts of Theatre, Dance and Design in the context of a broad, liberal arts education. Our program offers high impact learning practices that cultivate creativity, critical thinking, communication skills, and collaboration within and outside the program and delivers a rigorous academic and problem focused environment that seeks to produce work that challenges the mind, engages the heart and delights the senses.

Core Values


Working together, we value the contribution of the individual to the collective vision of the team and strive for a cooperative and collegial realization of our artistic goals.

Professional Practice

We seek excellence in all our endeavors, training students to take their place as professionals. Faculty strives to remain up to date on current technologies and practices.


We work to create engaging partnerships with our community, providing support and exchanging ideas as well as information, with our colleagues, our audience and the world at large. Students are taught to see the value of becoming engaged members of their community.


We recognize that everyone has a unique point of view and we embrace the differences that enhance our society and our work.


As an art form, theatre seeks to explore and comprehend the human condition. We encourage and support creativity, curiosity, intellectual and aesthetic development, invention and innovation in the pursuit of understanding.

Academic and Creative Freedom

We believe that freedom of inquiry is essential to academic and creative pursuits and our program supports intellectual and creative activities without restriction.

Student Opportunities

In all areas of emphasis, we strive to provide all students with opportunities to experience live theatre and to put classroom learning into practical application.


The application of theory to professional practice is one of the main goals of the UW-Green Bay Theatre and Dance Program. Graduates of our program apply their training to careers in the world of live performance, entertainment technology, film, television, and other media as well as education, arts management, scholarship and are leaders in other fields.