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Cofrin Library Coffee Kiosk

Directions for Use

  1. Purchase Keurig K-Cup from vending machine for $1.00

    •  Vending machine accepts $1.00 and $5.00 bills plus coin (slot on top of machine)

    •  Change for $5.00 bills comes out on side of unit (in coins)

  2. Follow Keurig brewer instructions to brew your K-Cup
    • Raise Handle
    • Place K-Cup into holder
      • Do not remove or puncture K-Cup lid
      • If K-Cup bin is full, pull on door handle below Lower Drip Tray Plate to open door and access the empty K-Cup bin – please empty the bin into nearby garbage can and replace bin
    • Lower Handle
    • Place Mug or Cup on platform
    • Choose Brew Size
      • 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, or 10oz
    • Remove filled Mug or Cup once filled
  3. Condiments and Supplies
    • All the supplies needed for your brewed K-Cup are provided in the slots below the counter
    • Please be courteous to other users of this Coffee Kiosk and use only what is needed for your brewed K-Cup
    • The following supplies are re-stocked on a routine basis:
      • ​​12oz Cups
      • Cup Lids
      • Cup Sleeves
      • Creamer (non-dairy powdered)
      • Sugar
      • Sugar Substitutes
      • Stir Sticks
      • Straws
  4. Contact Information for Problems, Comments, etc.

Thank you and enjoy your brewed K-Cup!
Service and Support for the Cofrin Library 2nd Floor Coffee Kiosk is provided by Your University Union!