Event Security Planning Worksheet

Instructions: Please fill out this form in its entirety. If a field does not apply to you and requires your information to be entered, please type "N/A." If the form is properly submitted, "Thank you for submitting the form." will appear at the top of the page. Questions? E-Mail unionres@uwgb.edu.

General Information
Name of event:
Please enter your event's name.
Date of event:
Please enter the date of your event.
Times of event:
Please enter your event's time.
to Please enter your event's time.
Location of event:
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Contact person :
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Phone number:
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Adverse Factors
Is time of event at night (after 4 pm)?
Attendance anticipated:
Age of people attending the event:

Alcohol served:
Wine w/ meal

Cash bar
Open bar

Controversial speaker, negative event history
Potential for alcohol or other drug prior to event
Traffic Control or parking concerns
Uncontrolled Access event
Valuable property/large sums of money (discuss w/ Public Safety Director)

Positive Factors

All participants will be in formal/semiformal dress
How many university volunteers? 1 point per university volunteer up to 5
How many UWGB staff? 2 points per UWGB staff working event up to 5
Attendance by invitation only (does not include tickets)
UW-Green Bay students only


Total risk points = number of personnel required (Adverse Factors - Positive Factors), see below:

Risk points Officers required
0-15 0
16-30 1
31-40 2
41-50 3
51-60 4
61-70 5
71-80 6
81 + (Critical Event) 8 or more