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Poster Posting Policies

If You’re a University Organization/Department: 83

Posting is limited to groups recognized by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and for the promotion of events directly sponsored by those groups.
For information on the University poster policy and maps of available bulletin board locations, click here for University sponsored events, and click here for Public posting locations.

You Post & Remove: 9

-Instructional Services: Board to Right of Entry to IS1004
-Student Services: Board in hallway between Student Services and Theatre Hall
-Mary Ann Cofrin Hall: Board near MAC113
-Wood Hall: Board near WH102
-Rose Hall: Board in walkway to Circle Entrance (East & West)
-Theatre Hall: Walkway between Theatre Hall and Studio Arts
-Cofrin Library: Walkway between Student Services and Cofrin Library (both sides= 2)
-Lab Science: Entry from Walkway between Environmental Science and Lab Science 

You Drop Off & They Post: 65

4 University Information & Ticketing Center/University Union
2 Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs Front Desk
53 Community Center of Residence Life
3 Kress Events Center Desk
1 Office of International Education
2 Mauthe Center 

If You're a Member of the Public: 4

Board 1 is next to the Phoenix Bookstore in the entryway leading to Theatre Hall
Board 2 in on the First Floor of the Union next to the housing entrance stairs
Board 3 is on the First Floor of the Union in the tunnel that takes you to the Christie Theatre Board 4 is on the First Floor of the Union in the tunnel that takes you to Student Services 

Posting Guidelines:

All postings must contain, in clear and conspicuous lettering, the following information:
     -The University sponsor department or organization of the event
     -The date and time for the event
     -The name of the event and its purpose
     -Location of the event
     -Non-University postings will be removed
     -No posting may exceed 11"x17" with no restrictions on configuration
     -If larger than 11"x17", contact University Union to reserve a Banner Space
     -Posters must comply with University Alcohol Policy
     -If a poster topic deals with sensitive topics, such as sexual assault, harassment, etc. a copy must be sent to the Dean of Students Office
*Do not overlap or cover another poster: yours will be removed.
*All bulletin boards will be cleared the week following December and May Commencement.
*All posters that provide general information for the good of the campus community and that do not have an end date must be posted in the section labeled "Indefinite Postings".

Please Note: 
UWGB reserves the right to remove any posters we feel violates the campus posting policy. Violation of the Campus Posting Policy may result in immediate removal of the posting and revocation of posting rights at the discretion of the department or Office of Public Safety.

Questions about posting in Academic Buildings may be directed to Student Life at (920) 465-2720; any other questions regarding the posting policy can be directed to the University Union Marketing & Graphic Design Specialist at or (920) 465-2633.