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Services and Rates

Please Submit a Graphic Request for Any of the Following Projects:

Graphic Design Time

$15/hour (this includes, but is not limited to: creation of posters, brochures, edits, printing time, consultations, etc.).

Banner Cost

We charge $0.50/inch of height to print either our normal paper (tear proof matte polypropylene) or our sticky adhesive paper.
Command strips are available for $5 surcharge.
*No design cost is associated if COMPLETED art (in .PDF form) is submitted through the graphic request form.
Must receive approval to hang any banners in a non-reservable space in the University Union.
Receive approval from the Marketing & Graphic Design Specialist (uupromotions@uwgb.edu or 920.465.2633)


We can laminate anything you would like (paper wise) for $2.00/foot.


Buttons come in three sizes:
Small: 1.25 inches / $.35 cents
Medium: 2.25 inches / $.50
Large: 2.87 inches / $.75 cents

Directional Signage

Need directional signage outside around campus to aid in letting people know where your event is?
For $20/set we can create and laminate directional signage to promote your event. 

Free Services (a graphic request submission form is still needed for these services)-
Sandwich Boards (A-Frames)

A-Frame sandwich boards can be used in hallways to help promote your event for free!
*Two markers are provided.

Display Case Rental

The display case outside of the Common Grounds Coffee House is available for rental depending on availability (first come, first serve basis).
The display case has a chalk board background, but no chalk will be supplied by the University Union.
The display case measurements are:
Width-71.25 in.
Height-59.5 in.
Depth-14.5 in.
*Please note that the display case does not have a lock on it and we encourage you to refrain from putting valuable items in the display case. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Social Media

Quickly advertise your events that take place around campus. We'll promote them on our social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram) for free for you!

Table Tents

Table tents are placed in the Cloud Commons, Phoenix Club, Garden Cafe, Studio Arts, and Wood Hall (please submit special graphic request below for table tents).

Digital Signage

Please see our Digital Signage webpage here for guidelines and submission forms.

University Union Poster Policy & Map Public Poster Policy & Map