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The University Union Marketing Department is made up of a team of student employees who specialize in graphic design, print production, video production, copywriting, social media marketing, digital strategy and more. We offer an array of services from print and digital design, short-form video creation, and marketing consultations.

Our services are available to clients within the Divison of University Inclusivity & Student Affairs and registered student organizations.

It's our busy season! August and September bring an influx of projects, therefore our turnaround time is currently 3-4 weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Posters & Flyers

Sizes: 11x17" or 8.5x11"

Bulletin boards live all over the UW-Green Bay campus! Displaying posters and flyers is a classic way to advertise your event.

Poster Posting Policies

A photo of a bulletin board covered in posters that feature upcoming events on campus

A series of three large banners in frames featuring different events, services, and specials in the University Union

Large Format Banners

Size: 36" wide maximum
Banners can help draw attention to your event or get your message across in a big way. We offer a high-quality tear-proof Polypropylene Matte paper or sticky adhesive paper

Digital Signage

Size: 16:9 - Widescreen (1920x1080 pixels)
The University Union Digital Signage system allows on-campus departments and off-campus organizations to advertise upcoming events to the UW-Green Bay faculty, staff, and student communities. Ad space is available on the Green Bay, Manitowoc, and Marinette campuses.

Digital Signage Guidelines

A photo of a TV screen featuring an upcoming event. A weather forecast and Pass Points promotion is also shown.


Time Period Objectives
At Least 8 Weeks Prior to Event Planning the Event
  • Idea generation
  • Meetings with internal programmers to plan details/framework
  • Reserve your event space and booth space (if applicable)
  • Write an event description
4-6 Weeks Prior to Event Project Request
  • Submit project request
    • All marketing deliverables and reservable items/spaces in the University Union
  • Allow 2-3 weeks* of design time to allow for the highest-quality design. Design process includes various drafts, internal feedback, and proofs to client.
  • Provide design feedback and approval
2-4 Weeks Prior to Event Marketing to the Campus
  • Send posters, banners, handbills, etc. to the printer
    • Allow 2-3 days for DigiCopy orders
  • Post posters in the University Union and around campus
  • Submit digital signage
  • Submit Campus Calendar information
  • Request inclusion in Campus News Phlash email by emailing Nina.
  • Plan web and social media content
*Design time is subject to extend during busy seasons, January 1-February 15 and August 1-September 15.

Photography & Videography

Our student multimedia specialists capture professional photography and create high-quality short form videos to promote services or campaigns and attend campus events to highlight student experiences. Services are available to University Union departments only.

Photo Session Type Availability Coverage Gallery Size
Event Sessions Unlimited Up to one hour Up to 75 photos
Signature Events One per semester Up to three hours Up to 500 photos
Promotional Sessions Three per semester Up to 30 minutes Up to 50 photos

Please note that availability is strictly dependent on the student multimedia specialists' schedules around current work schedule, classes, or prior commitments.

Reservable Items & Spaces

Table Tents

Table tents are displayed throughtout the University Union in our dining locations and are rotated weekly. We feature events throughout the division of University Inclusivity & Student Affairs.
Note: Table Tent spots are reserved for GB Week events the first two weeks of fall and spring semesters and may not be reserved during those times.

Sandwich Boards

Size: 24x36"
Display your banner or create a hand-drawn design for hallway promotion. Includes chalk markers.

Phoenix Club Chalk Wall

One chalk wall immediately outside the Phoenix Club is available to reserve. Clients are responsible for all artwork creation and removal. Chalking supplies (chalk, rags, ladder) will be provided by the Marketing Department.

2x3' Banner Frames

Advertise your event, promote your department, or recruit people in one of three large banner frames. Banner frames are located:

  • Main Level - Housing Entrance Airlock
  • Lower Level - Outside the Phoenix Club
Acrylic Sign Stands

Size: 8.5x11"
Display a small flyer or sign on a table.

Reservation Policy
Before reserving an item or space in the University Union, please read the reservation policy.



Service Dimensions Cost
Hourly Graphic Design Rate - $15/hour
Hourly Photo/Video Rate - $25/hour
Table Tent Reservation - $0
Digital Signage 1920x1080
$20 design fee
$0 posting fee (image provided)
Banner Printing Custom 50¢ per inch of height
Lamination Custom $2.00/foot
Buttons 1.25 in.
2.25 in.
2.87 in.
35¢ ea.
50¢ ea.
75¢ ea.
Directional Signage 11x17 $20 per set
Additional Photography Coverage
+ Expanded Gallery
30 min $15
Additional Photography Coverage
+ Expanded Gallery
60 min $25
Additional fees or labor charge may apply to special projects, at the discretion of management