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Dining Points

  • Dining Points are added to a declining balance account on your ID card.
  • Students can use Dining Points for the purchase of food and soft beverage items at any Dining Services venue on campus.
  • Purchases made with Dining Points are exempt from sales tax.
  • Dining Points remaining at the end of the Fall semester will carry over to the Spring semester.
  • Dining Points are non-refundable, cannot be taken as cash or transferred to Pass Points or another individual.
  • ALL Dining Points must be used by May 31st.
  • The University reserves the right to make appropriate adjustments or corrections to the amounts assigned to your Dining Points account. Any such adjustments will be fully documented and disclosed to you should you inquire about either your account balance or account transactions. Such inquiries need to be emailed to Account status can also be checked through the Online Card Office. It is your responsibility to keep track of your spending when using your Dining Points. After each transaction, your Dining Points balance is displayed at all locations where the University ID is accepted. If you attempt to make a purchase with an insufficient balance in your Dining Points, the transaction will not be approved. However, should the occasion arise when, due to system problems or otherwise, a purchase occurs with insufficient funds in your Dining Points (creating a "shortage" or "negative" amount), you agree to pay the negative amount against funds that may thereafter be deposited to your account or are charged for on your student account.