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Transfer Meals

The Transfer Meal Program allows Meal Plan participants to get a combo meal at a retail dining venue (outside of The Marketplace inside the Leona Cloud Commons).
Combo Meal
A meal option where a participant can receive a pre-defined meal usually consisting of an entrée, one side, and a beverage. Please visit each retail dining venue for specific combo meal options.

The below Meal Plans allow only 4 transfer meals per week and only 1 per day.
o   Phoenix All Access
o   Green 19
o   UWGB 14
o   Varsity 10

The below Meal Plans do not have a daily or weekly transfer meal limit.
o   Bay Block
o   Apt 1
o   Apt 2
o   Apt 3
Common Grounds Coffeehouse Transfer Meal Options:
Beverage (Choose 1): 16 oz. Espresso Drink, 16 oz. Frappucino, OR 20 oz. Coffee (Iced or Hot)
(No extra shots-may use non-dairy milk)
Pastry (Choose 1): Ring Donut, Long John, Muffin OR Bagel w/ 1 Cream Cheese
Garden Café - Mondos Lunch Transfer Meal Options: 
Entree (Choose 1): 6" Sub (Ham, Veggie, Tuna OR Turkey) OR Bowl of Soup
Side (Choose 1): Small Chips, Whole Fruit OR String Cheese
Beverage (Choose 1): 16.9 oz. Aquafina, 12 oz. Bubly, 12 oz. Gatorade, OR Fountain Drink
Green Bay Grill Transfer Meal Options:
Entree (Choose 1): Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Veggie Burger, Chicken Sandwich, Grilled Cheese, Chicken Tenders, OR Phoenix Fries (no side)
Side (Choose 1): Waffle Fries, Whole Fruit, OR Tater Tots
Beverage (Choose 1): 16.9oz Aquafina, 12oz Bubly, 12oz Gatorade OR Fountain Soda
*Cheese is optional on all transfer meal sandwiches.
Phoenix Club Transfer Meal Options:
Entrée (Choose 1): Kraft Mac and Cheese, Johnsonville Brat, OR Mini Corn Dogs
Side (Choose 1): Pretzel & Cheese, Tortilla Chips & Cheese, OR Potato Chips 
Beverage (Choose 1): Water, 12 oz. Pepsi Products
Mini Pizza (Choose 1): Cheese, Pepperoni, Supreme, OR Garlic Alfredo 
Beverage (Choose 1): Water, 12 oz. Pepsi Products
Phoenix Phresh Transfer Meal Options:
Entrée (Choose 1): Create your own Salad or Wrap
Beverage (Choose 1): 16.9oz Aquafina, 12oz Bubly, 12oz Gatorade or Fountain Soda
16oz smoothie (only)