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SUCCEED was our old student encentive program prior to adopting Uachieve. The program represents a set of qualities and learning outcomes employees can gain through employment at the Union. A developmental approach to the employment program, SUCCEED can ensure that the studen't employment experience is an important part of their education.

  • S - Service Displaying excellent “people” and customer service skills that encourage and support service skills and emphasizing the importance of giving one’s time and talents to those in need.

  • U – Unity Emphasizing inter and intra departmental relationships and team building to reach shared goals and missions while working in harmony.

  • C – Commitment Consistently displaying the value of commitment through skill development, empowerment, sharing and clarification of mission, role modeling and opportunities for growth.

  • C – Community Participating in an unpaid voluntary service that betters your community.

  • E – Efficiency Putting forth your best effort to get the most done in a certain amount of time.

  • E – Experience Developing qualities through your position with the Union that will help you in a professional career position.

  • D - Development Improving or expanding your knowledge not only in the work area but also in your everyday life situations.

Who Earned SUCCEED

Sara Kleinhans-1999
Amy Piaget-1999
Sarah Klinner-2000
Jacki Gauerke-2000
Carey O'Kelly-2000
Linda Hookham-2001
Andy Williams-2001
Carrie Carnes-2001
Sarah Belter-2002
Michael Hermes-2002
Rick Warpinski-2003
Erika Bahnson-2004
Anne Buttke-2004
Poppy Grant-2004
Dan Murphy-2004
Andrew Plinska-2004
Rebecca Pasterski-2004
Adam Warpinski-2004
Lara Wiersum-2004
Leslie Ann Grom-2005
Chante Strelke-2005
Ashley Moreno-2005
Kelly Kramp-2005
Sara Antony-2005
Sarah Brachmann-2005
Kesa Jenks-2005
Jake Magnuson-2005
Brittany Brunner-2006
Rebecca Hietpas-2006
Amy Mauk-2006
Brian Navin-2006
Tyler Pensis-2006
Alissa Reddy-2006
Chelsea Beiersdorf-2007
Duke Bobber-2007
Allison Braatz-2007
Jackie Johannes-2007
Crystal Jushka-2007
Justin Roskopf-2007
Megan Wetzel-2007
Alex Bruins-2008
Melissa Kemps-2008
Patrick Leifker-2008
Mike Mathison-2008
Emily Waack-2008
Jamie Pitzen-2008
Amanda Beckes-2008
Nick Banaszak-2008
Alyssa Bokelman-2008
Amber Drephal-2008
Jon Eckelberg-2008
Kortney Jenks-2008
Chris Kuhn-2008
Ben Leatherberry-2008
Gary Nevala-2008
Andy Otto-2008
Leah Patick-2008
Kathryn Rader-2008
Richard Staley-2008
Kyle Wesner-2008
Rory Jefferson-2009
Jamie Stephenson-2009
Jackie Hehn-2009
Brad Fischer-2009
Shaun Raganyi-2009
Amanda Beckes-2010
Jon Eckelberk-2010
Brad Fischer-2010
Rory Jefferson-2010
Kortney Jenks-2010
Ben Leatherberry-2010
Gary Nevala-2010
Andy Otto-2010
Leah Patik-2010
Jamie Pitzen-2010
Shaun Raganyi-2010
Richard Staley-2010
Emily Waack-2010
Kyle Wesner-2010