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University Union

Current Openings

Students need to have the following when applying

  • 1. Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • 2. Must be enrolled in 6 undergraduate credits or 5 graduate credits
  • 3. Must have 3 semesters left of schooling

Graphic Artist

Responsible for proper completion of graphic design and layout assignments. The emphasis of this position will be to design visual materials needed to promote the University Union, its programs and operations. Must have 3 semesters left.

Shorewood Assistant

The Shorewood Assistant will work the Pro Shop and Restaurant areas at Shorewood Golf Course. Duties will include but not limited to answering phones, checking in golfers, taking food orders, preparing food, cleaning and customer interaction. This job covers the summer and fall terms.

Building Services Team

The Building Services Team is responsible for two basic functions within the University Union: in the set up function, team members are responsible for preparing rooms for events, ensuring that they are clean and that furniture and equipment are in place prior to the beginning of the program. In the custodial services function, team members assist the University Union professional custodians in maintaining the cleanliness of the facility including: cleaning hallways, entrances, restrooms, meeting and dining spaces, Phoenix Club Recreation, office complexes, and the daily removal and transportation of waste and recyclable materials.

Building Manager in Training

This position is a supervised training program that will teach you how to be an effective facility, project, and event support manager, problem solver, customer service representative, building security staff, event supervisor, resource liaison, employee/leader supervisor, and mentor. The training program will teach you to fully represent the University Union at UW-Green Bay over an entire semester. 

In this training program you will learn about all the University Union operations and services and find out how you can assist all aspects of the operation, and become familiar with all the offices, staff, and policies. You will learn opening and closing procedures of the University Union, how to work the service desks of the University Ticketing and Information Center and the Phoenix Club. Also, you will obtain additional training from our Building Services Team on how to do room setups and event support for customers. You will learn how to work closely with all our employees and staff members, as well as partners and customers in the University Union. Finally, you will learn delegation skills to aid in completion of tasks, and have lots of opportunities to sharpen your multi-tasking skills. 

Quiz Bowl Organizer

Responsible for hosting Quiz Bowl and Trivia events that occur around the University Union