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University Union

Current Openings

Students need to have the following when applying

  • 1. Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • 2. Must be enrolled in 6 undergraduate credits or 5 graduate credits
  • 3. Must have 3 semesters left of schooling

University Ticketing and Information Center Assistant

The Assistant is responsible for maintaining constant communication and providing accurate information to the University Union customers, UWGB students, faculty, staff and community members; referring them to the appropriate location or personnel to handle their questions/concerns. Responsibilities also include ticket sales for events on and off campus, retail sales of other merchandise and services. The Assistant is additionally responsible for the production of campus ID cards for students, faculty, staff and guests. The Assistant must be comfortable with UPS and USPS mailing standards since these service are offered through the Information Center. 

Building Services Team

The Building Services Team Coordinator schedules, coordinates and supervises the event and custodial services function of the Building Services Team, including: assisting with hiring, training and evaluations. The Coordinator is responsible for the general coordination of event support and needs for student custodial work in the Union. They will also coordinate with other building personnel to ensure the Building Services Team is informed of all necessary information. The Director of Reservations and Event Support may assign special projects. 

Graphic Artist

Responsible for proper completion of graphic design and layout assignments. The emphasis of this operation will be to design visual material needed to promote the University Union, its programs and operations. 

Marketing Assistant/Photographer

The Marketing Assistant/Photographer will work as a member of the Creative Company Team in Marketing & Promotions for the University Union. They are responsible for operating Digital SLR cameras to capture moments on film or to photograph people and places for various projects. After taking photographs, they will then have to transfer photos to a computer for editing, archiving, and electronic transmission. The Marketing Assistant/Photographer will cleanup or edit pictures as needed. Hours for this position can be autonomous and irregular. They must be prepared to work anywhere from a studio to outdoors in all weather. Portfolios are recommended during the interview process.

Sound & Light Technician

The technician assists with the provision of all technical services required for events and programs taking place on campus. Events include concerts, performers, dances, movies, conferences and other events that require use of sound and/or lighting systems.