Current Openings

Students need to have the following when applying

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Must be enrolled in 6 undergraduate credits or 5 graduate credits
  • Must have 3 semesters left of schooling

Building Manager Coordinator

The Building Manager Coordinator is the primary University Union staff member responsible during all hours of operation for overall management including supervising the building at all times. The Coordinator also serves as: a resource liaison to various University Union Department, project managers, members of public relations, trouble shooting, building security staff, event supervisor, and mentor.

Building Services Team Coordinator

The Building Services Team Coordinator schedules, coordinates and supervises the event and custodial services function of the Building Services Team, including: assisting with hiring, training and evaluations. The Coordinator is responsible for the general coordination of event support and needs for student custodial work in the Union. They will also coordinate with other building personnel to ensure the Building Services Team is informed of all necessary information. The Director of Reservations and Event Support may assign special projects.


Graphic Artist

Responsible for proper completion of graphic design and layout assignments. The emphasis of this operation will be to design visual material needed to promote the University Union, its programs and operations.

UTIC Coordinator

The University Ticketing & Information Center (UTIC) Coordinator is responsible for the training, scheduling and providing feedback for the University Ticketing & Information Center Assistants (UTICAs) as well as acting as a liaison between the student employees and the Ticketing & Information Services Manager. The UTIC Coordinator manages the box office for select on-campus events and provides excellent customer service.