UW-Green Bay

Current Openings

Students need to have the following when applying

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Must be enrolled in 6 undergraduate credits or 5 graduate credits
  • Must have 3 semesters left of schooling

Building Services Team

The Building Services Team is responsible for two basic functions within the University Union: in the set up function, team members are responsible for preparing rooms for events, ensuring that they are clean and that furniture and equipment are in place prior to the beginning of the program. In the custodial services function, team members assist the University Union professional custodians in maintaining the cleanliness of the facility including: cleaning hallways, entrances, restrooms, meeting and dining spaces, Phoenix Club Recreation, office complexes, and the daily removal and transportation of waste and recyclable materials.  

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Shorewood Golf Course Assistant

Shorewood Golf Course has two specific roles for student employees: Pro-Shop and Restaurant Assistants. The Restaurant Assistant is responsible for the kitchen duties, handling orders, and cleaning the kitchen area. The Pro-Shop Assistant manages golf shop duties and operates golf rentals and reservations.

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