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Brand message matrix

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One of the bigger challenges that colleges and universities have in presenting their brand attributes is the wide range of diversity in the audiences that the institution deems as important. To serve as an example, Stamats has included a the following message matricies that look at each of the attributes and offers a possible message to promote it to the varied audiences that make up the key constituents. This attribute audience matrix is intended for use by UW-Green Bay’s communication and marketing professionals when creating image-related materials, and is intended as suggestions toward messaging and language that may be used to communicate UW-Green Bay’s brand attributes in audience-relevant ways.

This matrix should be seen as a starting point, a sample, of how attributes need to be tweaked in their presentation based on the audience with whom the institution is communicating with.

Recruitment Audiences

Attribute Prospective Traditional Students Prospective Adult Students Parents
Connect with internationally recognized faculty You will enjoy personal relationships with world renowned educators, offering you the most current and relevant instruction and personal connections that will pay off throughout your career. You will enjoy personal relationships with world renowned educators, enabling you to develop a personal and professional network that will provide benefits throughout your career. Your son/daughter will be motivated academically by internationally recognized educators who are not only known for their excellence in teaching, but also care about personal connections with their pupils.
Solve problems from multiple perspectives At UW-Green Bay, our approach to learning allows students to gain knowledge across various academic areas, thus allowing you to address problems from multiple perspectives just as you will in your career. As you know from your professional experiences, issues that arise in the workplace are rarely straightforward and are often complicated. At UW-Green Bay we approach learning as a way of looking at problems from multiple perspectives, requiring our students to extend their knowledge beyond a single subject area and look at the issues from various angles. Your son/daughter will develop the ability to examine problems and find solutions from a variety of perspectives, a skill that employers and graduate schools are looking for.
Engage in applied learning experiences While books and lectures help you become an educated individual, at UW-Green Bay we provide opportunities for students to take their classroom learning to the next level through internships, undergraduate research, independent studies, and leadership in campus organizations. As you learn in the classroom setting, UW-Green Bay will also leverage the professional experience you bring to the classroom and provide opportunities for you to work on challenges you may be facing in your current work environment. At UW-Green Bay, your daughter/son will get much more than an academic education. They will also be provided with opportunities to apply their academic knowledge in actual professional settings, building their resumes before they even leave the University with internships, undergraduate research, independent studies, and leadership roles on campus.
Welcoming, friendly campus community You will immediately be welcomed into a warm, friendly learning environment and ultimately become a valued member of the supportive UW-Green Bay community, developing relationships and friendships that last a lifetime. While going to college as an adult learner can bring anxiety and be daunting, at UW-Green Bay you will find a welcoming, friendly community of teachers and learners, where you will be supported and develop lasting personal and professional relationships that will benefit you throughout your career. Your son/daughter will immediately be welcomed into a safe, caring community, where he/she will find an abundance of personal support designed to help students make the most of their experience and be well positioned for success after graduation.
Excellence in teaching UW-Green Bay faculty members are known for their exemplary teaching and innovation. Many of our teachers have won state awards in the past few years. You will find teachers who will partner with you in your success. UW-Green Bay faculty members are known for their exemplary teaching and innovation. Many of our faculty have won regional and national teaching awards in the past few years. Our adult students value the personal relationship they develop with these exceptional teachers who often times become mentors and friends. Alumni often tell us that the best thing about their UW-Green Bay education were their exceptional teachers who helped them develop a passion for a subject and then provided opportunities to engage in experiences that made a difference when they graduated.

Relationship Audiences

Attribute Faculty Alumni Community
Connect with internationally recognized faculty You will work alongside other accomplished, internationally recognized faculty, providing you with a vibrant academic setting and professional collaborations that may enhance your research and scholarly endeavors. Your alma mater is recognized as an institution with internationally respected professors, enhancing the reputation of your education and the value of your degree. Thanks to the quality of UW-Green Bay’s internationally respected faculty, the local community enjoys an abundance of intellectually and culturally enlightening offerings, and the area is recognized as a place to grow and prosper.
Solve problems from multiple perspectives You play a vital role in empowering students to approach problems and find solutions from multiple perspectives, helping to guide and inform tomorrow’s generation of leaders, scholars and thinkers to impact the world in positive ways. Your alma mater is known as a place where students are encouraged to look at the world and approach problems from a variety of perspectives, empowering them to achieve great things and continually enhancing the reputation of the institution and, ultimately, your degree. The Green Bay community benefits from the institution’s philosophy of approaching problems and finding solutions from multiple perspectives, with students and faculty partnering with local businesses and non-profit agencies in their research and on projects designed to support those organizations and help them succeed.
Engage in applied learning experiences At UW-Green Bay, we have a professional commitment to providing opportunities for our students to apply what they have learned in our classrooms in practical settings through high quality internships, undergraduate research opportunities, and study abroad experiences. UW-Green Bay continues to provide opportunities for students to discover their professional passion outside the classroom through internships, undergraduate research, independent studies, and leadership opportunities in on-campus organizations. UW-Green Bay values the partnerships with the local and regional community which allows for student internships and job opportunities that continue to build our reputation as a strong resource to the workforce in the greater Wisconsin area.
Welcoming, friendly campus community Being an approachable member of the faculty is a vital part of enhancing the UW-Green Bay vision of maintaining a friendly and welcoming campus community where students can thrive in a supportive atmosphere. UWGB has long been recognized for its friendly and welcoming culture. Could be that Midwestern charm and work ethic, but we think its more. That same culture exists today, where faculty and staff go the distance to help, support and encourage students from recruitment to graduation, and beyond. At UW-Green Bay, local members of the city will think of the campus as a welcoming environment where community involvement and engagement are encouraged.
Excellence in teaching As a faculty, we value the art and science of teaching and provide resources such as the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning and the Teaching Scholars programs to help every faculty continue with their development. In addition, a number of our faculty have won state and national awards for their exceptional teaching. You probably have a story to tell about your favorite teacher and how he or she inspired or mentored you. You are not alone. Alumni report with regularity that “teaching excellence” is among UWGB’s best attributes. Great teaching results in prepared graduates. Community members often tell us that they value the critical thinkers and great communicators that enter the workforce with the UW-Green Bay education.