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Office of Marketing and University Communication

Graphic elements

Flexibility in use of ‘360° of Learning’

round 360° of Learning graphic with tick marksThe pairings illustrated here are simple ways to emphasize the ‘360°’ theme. It is also permissible, especially in promoting individual programs or initiatives that demonstrate the theme in action, to decouple “360° of Learning” from the Primary Identity Mark and highlight the phrase separately, elsewhere within the piece. In such a usage, use of the Gotham Bold typestyle with freehand “of” is recommended, or the use of the casual circle 360° logo.

The casual use of ‘UWGB’

graphic: UW Phoenix GBgraphic: UW Phoenix GB

While the seal above is used as a symbol of integrity and ceremony, the UWGB Mark would be used when familiarity and community are to be recognized. It is meant for an internal audience, and should not be used for outside communications without the full official University Logo.

360° graphic exploration

Headline treatment

Arched text example
Headline text is centered and set in capitalized gotham bold font.
The words of lesser importance or very short words, like articles, are the ones to be used in Freehand.

Examples of words to set in Freehand:

valuableofyouall aroundandcan feel like

Freehand can also be used as subheads or call-outs. It should never be used in all caps and may require kerning in certain areas.

Body copy treatment

Body copy is normally set in Gotham Book at 9-10 point. When set under a curved headline, body copy should be centered. In publications or when layout doesn’t support the centered type, justifiy the type with the last line left aligned. For other marketing and communication materials, serif typeface Times can also be used.

Graphical treatment

When addressing the internal UW-Green Bay audience, make the expression of 360° your own. There is a little room for creativity.

Use circles, telescope sight marks, panoramic views and layouts as a visual indication of the brand.

When in doubt, turn to your marketing team for guidance. Anything produced for official business, fundraising, or recruiting should be approved by the Marketing and University Communication Office.

collage of 360° accent graphics