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Rev. February 27, 2008

Inside, UW-Green Bay. A feature and news magazine for alumni and friends.
  February 2008: Alumni notes.

Photo: John and Rosemary Buckman with their children Katherine and Andrew. For many, Valentine's Day brings memories of UW-Green Bay

When John Buckman and Rosemary (Karl) Buckman reminisce about love at first sight, they’re transported back to fall 1973 and a campus social at the old Shorewood Club.
      Rosemary’s group noticed a guy outside making faces at them through the window. Her friend identified the sort-of-charming jokester as “John from class,” but Rosemary paid little attention.
      They were later introduced by mutual acquaintances, but they spotted each other only a few times that winter, usually at the library when one or the other was typing a paper in one of the little glass study rooms. In May at a local nightspot, John made his move. Recognizing Rosemary, he approached and offered to buy her a drink. The fact he reached into his pocket and was embarrassed to find only a meager handful of change, barely enough for half, just made the story better through the years.
      The couple has since spent every Valentine’s Day together. They were married a few months after graduation in 1977.
      The Buckmans’ experience isn’t all that unusual. In fact it’s one they share with precisely 2,558 fellow alumni. Records show 1,280 marriages and civil unions involving partners who are both UW-Green Bay graduates.
“We think it shows how smart they are,” says Alumni Relations Director Mark Brunette ’85. “Not only did they attend a terrific school, they married someone who attended a terrific school.”
      In the Buckmans’ case, their children made smart choices, too. Son Andrew, 27, followed his parents’ lead and in May 2002 earned his UW-Green Bay bachelor’s degree, in business administration. Daughter Katherine, 24, continued the tradition and graduated a year ago last December with a degree in education.

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Photo: Grant Fisk and Trudi Arnold.
Free spirits unite

Grant Fisk ’01 and Trudi Arnold ’97 celebrated their marriage Sept. 1 at the Meyer Theatre, Green Bay, calling their ceremony a “Nupital Explosion” with rock ‘n’ roll and a spirit of adventure. The crowd rocked out to bands and performers including fellow alum Mark Riggenbach. During the festivities, Fisk and Arnold announced the formation of their new green-development company — Unlikely Enterprises, LLC — and a goal of participating in Global Enduro charity motorcycle rides in Africa and India.

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