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Not sure what to do in the fitness center?
UREC Fitness Coordinator, Alex Wandersee, will be posting a strength training workout every Monday and Tuesday (starting Feb 1st) using equipment in the Fitness Center (Kress). Each workout will consist of 8-10 exercises and each exercise will include a video demo. Great for all fitness levels.
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The Workouts
Each workout will consist of 8-10 exercises and will include a video demonstrations of each.
Begin each workout with a warm up and finish with stretching.
These will not be included in each post but can be found on the page highlights!
Beginner? Use lighter weight
Moderate/Advanced? Use heavier weight
MYTH: Heavy weight will make you bulk up.
No matter what range you choose, you should always lift enough weight that you can ONLY complete the desired reps.
If you're doing 12 bicep curls, choose a weight that allows you to 12 reps with good form.
The last few should be challenging. If you can do more than 12, increase your weight.
Sets and reps are the terms used to describe the number of times you perform an exercise.
A rep is the number of times you perform a specific exercise, and a set is the number of cycles of reps that you complete.
For example, suppose you complete 15 reps of a bench press. You would say you've completed "one set of 15 reps.
Why Strength Training
Strength training makes you stronger and fitter.
Strength training helps you lose weight and keep it off for good.
Strength training boosts energy levels and improves your mood and confidence!
It is recommended to add strength training into your fitness routine 2 times per week.
Learn to Lift
Fitness Coordinator, Alex Wandersee, led a 30-minute presentation on the basics of strength training on 1/27/21. Watch that recording below! Open youtube to view in full screen.