Phoenix Dance Technique Class


Starts March 22nd

Biweekly class in the Group Fitness Studio | 6:00-7:00pm


DESCRIPTION: The goal of this class is to allow UWGB students to advance their flexibility and dance skills with the help of the Green Bay Phoenix Dance Team.

WHAT TO WEAR: workout attire, tennis shoes, and dance shoes (socks work just fine if you don’t have dance shoes)

WHAT TO BRING: water and a smile :)

WHAT TO EXPECT: 15 minutes of warming up & stretching, followed by 15 minutes of technique teaching then 30 minutes of technique application and practice. Technique learned will include turns (singles, doubles, triples, and a-turns), kicks, leaps, calypsos, toe-touches, turning discs, c-jumps, arm technique, etc.

LEAD INSTRUCTOR: Stephanie Appel (captain of the UWGB Dance Team)

UWGB dance team can’t wait to encourage fellow students to try something new, be active, and possibly even be the next prospect for the team!

UWGB Phoenix dance teamThree dancers