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University Recreation


Current Operations

The Kress Events Center is currently only be open to UWGB students, faculty, and staff. 

Capacity of the fitness center is restricted and held at 40 patrons. Reservations will be required (see below).

All patrons will be required to make a reservation on the UREC at UWGB app to use any Kress Events Center facility (fitness center, climbing tower, etc.)
To make a reservation:
  1. Download the UREC at UWGB app
  2. Create an account with your email
  3. Click “reservations”
  4. Click "classes"
  5. Select the type of reservation you wish to make.
  6. Click "schedule"
  7. Select the day/time you wish to reserve (up to 3 days in advance)
  8. Click “join session”
Please be respectful and cancel at least one hour before your reservation if you are no longer able to make it.

Open Spaces/Amenities:

Front Desk
Fitness Center
Outdoor Equipment Rentals
Group Fitness
Climbing Tower
Intramurals (limited)
East/West Gyms (basketball hoop reservations) - Please bring your own equipment

Closed Spaces/Amenities:

Locker Rooms
Bennett Gym (for rec use)
Turf Gym
Pool (for rec use)
Lounge Areas
Water fountains (Exception: auto water bottle refilling station next to East/West Gyms)
Towel Service
Recreation and Fitness Equipment Check Out
Community Memberships/Guest Passes
Learn to Swim (private swim lessons)
Racquetball Courts

Fitness Center Policies:
  1. Face coverings are required at all times within the building.
  2. Always maintain 6+ feet of social distance.
  3. Wipe down equipment regularly before and after each use.
  4. Group/buddy workouts are not permitted.
  5. Use only one piece of equipment at a time (Circuits and supersets are discouraged).
  6. Equipment must remain in it’s designated areas.
  7. Only one person is allowed on the cable cross machine at a time.
  8. The following equipment will not be available at this time: Towels, mats, resistance bands, belts, medicine balls, stability balls, TRX bands, ab rollers, jump ropes, tricep ropes and foam rollers.
  9. No Spotting: Only conduct exercises that do not require a spotter.
  10. Bring your own water bottle: Water bottle filling stations will be available, however, drinking fountains will be closed.
  11. There is a designated stretching area upstairs to allow for proper social distancing.
  12. All equipment marked with caution taped is closed to allow for proper social distancing.
Group Fitness Policies:
  1. Face coverings (masks) are required throughout the Kress Events Center and while attending indoor classes.
  2. Always maintain 10+ feet of social distance while participating in class (12+ feet when outside).
  3. Always maintain 6+ feet of social distance when checking into class.
  4. Wipe down equipment regularly before and after each use. 
  5. Group/buddy workouts are not permitted. All attendees must remain distanced regardless of relationship (i.e. roommates). 
  6. No sharing of equipment at a this time.
  7. Bring your own water bottle: Water bottle filling stations will be available, however, drinking fountains will be closed.

In an effort to make the facilities as safe as possible, University Recreation will:
Increase cleaning protocols
  • Clean all high traffic and touch areas frequently with a disinfectant that kills the COVID-19 virus
  • Disinfect bathrooms repeatedly (including the gender neutral bathroom)
  • Clean exercise equipment on a regular schedule
  • Provide access to disposable gym wipes for individual equipment cleaning
  • Provide hand sanitizer stations throughout the building.
Adhere to Safety Precautions
  • Require all staff to wear face masks
  • Monitor staff health
  • Add shield guards to check-in points
Impose Social Distancing
  • Limit the number of people in specific areas; set capacity limits
  • Enforce distancing of 6 feet between patrons
  • Relocate or close equipment to provide adequate space barriers
  • Indicate proper spacing perimeters with tape/stickers on floors
  • No athletic team workouts will take place in the Fitness Center
Minimize Contact
  • Separate entrance and exit areas
  • Provide directional signage and posted instructions/protocols
  • Allows patrons to swipe their own card
  • Prop open doors to reduce surface contact and provide additional airflow
  • Close all gyms and eliminate close contact activities like basketball, volleyball, team sports, etc.
  • Shutdown front desk and fitness center equipment rentals
  • Shutdown towel service
  • Mats, foam rollers, stability balls, and some other small equipment will be offline
  • Eliminate all touch-to-use water fountains 
  • Close off access to showers and locker rooms
Facility usage and capacity
  • Facility usage and capacity will comply with recommended guidelines and recommendations as provided by the university, Brown County and Prevea Health. 
  • The UREC team will assess risk for facilities and program areas as well as establishing phased programming back in with any necessary modifications.