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Who should be a URS major/minor

Students in Urban and Regional Studies come from many different disciplinary fields and areas of interest -- from economics and geography to psychology and sociology. We share a commitment to making a difference in their our community, and in the world around us. The undergraduate degree in Urban and Regional Studies will serve as an appropriate entry for jobs associated with all of these areas of study.

Urban and regional studies develops individuals who want to make a difference in their community: a difference in what happens to older neighborhoods in transition, a difference in what happens as new suburban communities are planned and built, a difference in the lives and well-being of persons across metropolitan and rural regions. Graduates of our program have found employment as architects, business entrepreneurs, cartographers, community organizers, housing developers, urban planners, and many other careers in areas including community and economic development, urban and regional planning, building and zoning inspection, and more. Our graduates report higher starting salaries than graduates from other social science majors, and higher even than those of graduates in the professional programs!