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Join us at our Twelfth Annual Watershed Symposium on April 14, 2015!  To view our past presentations and research posters, check out our Symposium Page.

Our Program:  The LFRWMP is a collaborative watershed education and stream monitoring program focused on identifying nonpoint source pollution within the Fox River watershed.  The LFRWMP has two major components:

  • school-based monitoring program
  • watershed research program.

In the school monitoring program, teams of high school students and teachers gain hands-on experience in assessing the health of aquatic ecosystems by monitoring selected watersheds of the Lower Fox Basin. We use standardized methods and teacher training allows the teams to collect quality assured data. Data from student monitoring is shared on this website and at the annual Student Watershed Symposium

Components of the school-based monitoring program:

“This monitoring program engages students and teachers in hands-on science in their watersheds and is preparing our water planners, scientists, engineers, managers and leaders of the future. These efforts are consistent with regional goals that seek to improve and promote a quality environment that supports a vibrant economy and workforce.”

Kevin Fermanich,
Project Director Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program

What students, teachers and others say about the LFRWMP

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Watershed program receives “Green Gift” boost for monitoring, education

We received a $2,600-plus gift from Cellcom, thanks to the company’s cellphone recycling “Green Gift” program and Cellcom presented the check to our Ashwaubenon Creek monitoring team at West De Pere High School.  The Cellcom gift will provide supplies for all seven of our monitoring teams for the upcoming year.   Click here for a photo and additional info:

Click on stream or watershed for more info Ashwaubenon Creek Baird Creek Duck Creek East River Spring Brook Ashwaubenon Creek Baird Creek Apple Creek Spring Brook East River Duck Creek Apple Creek