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Web Services

Why Use a Global Template?

Although each individual website represents a unique part of our campus, all of our sites together create one UW-Green Bay web presence.

Our website is often the first information source prospective students go to when researching their higher education options and a daily source of information for UW-Green Bay employees and current students.

Every UW-Green Bay web page contributes to the user's perception of the University. When a user visits our site, they take away an impression of the University and its departments. Because of the high profile and importance of our website, every effort must be made to create a unified, content-rich, comprehensive website representing all of our units and departments.

To ensure a unified web presence, official pages of the UW-Green Bay website should appear to be visually related in order to help promote usability and to reinforce UW-Green Bay's brand identity.

Site Template Objectives

  1. Build institutional identity and brand recognition
  2. Improve usability
    • Allow user to clearly see where they are within the site
  3. Establish conventions
    • Navigation location
    • Site Search function
  4. Enhance credibility
    • Professional design
    • Up-to-date content
  5. Bring consistency
    • Allow visitors to easily compare our academic programs
    • Users appreciate predictability and structure when browsing a website
  6. Provide expected content to the visitor
    • Include news articles, awards, and testimonials where applicable
  7. Improve accessibility
  8. SEO – Search-engine friendly architecture