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Client Group Related Training


Preparing for Unique Needs

Online training to enhance your quality of care and accommodate you and your employees' busy schedules. Courses can be used for staff training to meet DHS 83.25 continuing education requirements of 15 hours every year. 

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Dementia Care for Caregivers and Administrators

Regular Course: $50
Train-the-Trainer Course: $75

All too often caregivers make a challenging situation worse because they do not have the skills needed to help individuals with cognitive deficiencies. Each interactive module will identify communication skills that will improve interactions with residents, especially those who have had past traumatic experiences. Take your Dementia Care knowledge and experience to the next level with this three-hour course. Want to become a trainer to train your staff in Dementia Care? Take the Train-the-Trainer version of the course and receive the curriculum to teach. This course has been approved for 3 continuing education hours with learning modules:

  • Improve your communication and interactions with people living with dementia
  • Understand and handle challenging behaviors
  • Learn the advantages of trauma-informed dementia care

Regular Course

Trainer Course

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Negotiated Risk Agreements

Balancing Risk, Responsibility & Rights
May 25, 2022
Live, Online
9-11 a.m.
Cost: $75

In this two-hour training, participants will learn when, why, and how to develop the Negotiated Risk Agreement that honors self-determination, meets regulatory requirements, enhances communication, and clearly defines risks and responsibilities. This course was developed for administrators, and all assisted living provider types will find this training beneficial as many CBRF and AFH facilities use negotiated risk agreements as part of their ISP. Individual caregivers and train-the-trainers will also benefit from the course.

  • Learn how to develop a Negotiated Risk Agreement
  • Enhance communication with residents
  • Improve ISPs


Task Specific Training

We also offer task specific training on key tasks.

Upgrade Your Skills

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