Scrapple is a mixture of pork scraps, juices and corn meal that made one more meal after the pork roast provided Sunday dinner. This reminiscence and recipe was contributed by Kateri Dupuis.

Although the exact recipe is lost my sister remembers that after removing the meat from the heads, it was mixed with some of the water and corn meal, seasoned with salt and pepper, and baking in cakes pans in a moderate oven. It was served after frying slices of it in butter until crisp.


Pork roast was a delectable delight for Sunday dinner at noon. But, so was the "Graisse de Roti" that evening. The leftovers from dinner were left in the roaster to cool. That evening the gel of the roast pork juices was hidden beneath a layer of fat. After removing the fat, the "Graisse de Roti" along with a little pork fat was spread on home made bread for the evening sandwich. Sprinkled with salt and pepper, it was tres delicieux.


Another important post-butchering task in a French Canadian household was rendering the lard. Nothing was wasted. The specks of meat remaining after the lard was melted were the best treat of all after a hard day toiling over the wood stove. These "gortons" were eaten on homemade bread. If any were still left, they were used to make "crackling buns".  

22 February 1998